Positive change is needed to build a developed state


Positive change is needed to build a developed state

Bangladesh is a democratic country. Politics in this country was supposed to be a weapon of democracy, but politics is now being used for personal gain in many cases. In many cases factionalism, blaming each other has now become a daily routine. The two major political parties run like two parallel lines, while they were supposed to follow the same straight line.
The BNP and its leaders and workers who are out of power think that the people have nothing to do with the Awami League who is in power. On the other hand, those in power think that the people have left the BNP. Neither team has the will or the effort to fill this gap.
Independent Bangladesh was born with a dream. Bangladesh of that dream will be a state with bright potential in history, tradition and culture. In the fifty-nine years of independence, both the successes and failures of this country have been discussed. Politics is inextricably linked with the state.

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It is involved in all matters of the state, big and small. But it is a matter of regret that most of the youth are now averse to politics. Young people are a big part of the total population of the country. Those who think new about the country, society, economy, politics, want to build a happy, prosperous and non-discriminatory society. Where an honest and hassle-free state system will be built instead of corruption and subculture.

Only the young generation can expand the work with the power of modern thinking, thinking, building a Bangladesh free from unemployment and orthodoxy. And so there is a need for political awareness among the younger generation. As a developing country, Bangladesh is going through a fast-paced time. To take that time forward, the direct participation of all people in all fields is very important.

The youth can contribute the most there. In front of the present young generation of Bengalis there are some shameful social problems of the country, communalism, inequality, unemployment which is the complete opposite of 21st century civilization, modernity.

The pace of development of the state has slowed down as the interests of individuals and groups have grown away from the foundation on which the rise of independent Bangladesh took place, the practice of culture to which the war of liberation took place. Young people are creative, patriotic. It was these young people who set up the Ganajagaran Mancha to demand the trial of war criminals.Positive change is needed to build a developed state

At present, there are bipartisan circles in national politics, sometimes due to political shortsightedness, sometimes voterless elections, sometimes military rulers seize power through back door, and the overall development of the country has come to a standstill due to these political instability. Young people have a big contribution.

The direct a political depravity of the youth has hampered the practice of participatory democracy and is one of the reasons why undemocratic groups have been able to seize state power. One side says there is no political crisis in the country, the other side says Bangladesh is going through a political crisis. No one ever thinks about what the common people between the two think.
The only way out of the current political crisis in the state is to increase the participation of the youth in politics and create opportunities for the youth to participate in the running of the state. There is no denying that the seeds of communalism were sown among the non-communal Bengalis out of ignorance and political ignorance.
Young society has always turned the corner of politics. The revolution has come in their hands. But in the case of Bangladesh, if the recent time is framed, it seems a bit different. Sometimes you have to fall into hesitation. It seems that the old feudal pride is emerging in the use of people in positions of power and responsibility.
Safe Road Movement
Safe Road movement

There is no question about the speed with which the turn of the veterans can bring development in the field of politics. Everyone has seen their activities in the past years. So if we can put that same responsibility on the shoulders of the youth, we should create an opportunity to see how they can use the power of the youth to further develop the state and uplift the democratic system.

The word politics has become a lucrative business name for many nowadays. But the dream with which Bangabandhu called for independence was not supposed to happen anywhere. Bangladesh was born by breaking the chain of Pakistan from the British rule for human rights, minimum needs, social justice, human dignity. But even there, people’s reliance on food, shelter, health and education is on the rise, while people’s money continues to flow in unimaginable development expenditures and corruption, banks, share scandals in various ways.

To continue what the youth of this country have done in the historical tradition as partners of the younger generation; To prevent this disease, the deviation from the dream Bangladesh, in thoughts, at work, at home, in leisure, on the streets; Otherwise we may have to bear the burden of a rotting country and society.

When you go to TSC or fine arts, you can see pictures or tattoos of other revolutionary leaders including Che Guevara, Fidel Castro in bags, caps and notebooks of the younger generation. However, there is no direct interest in politics among those young people. As a result, a large part of student politics is being spread by some selfish people.
It is not possible for Sheikh Hasina alone to deal with them. The most urgent issues for the youth to practice healthy politics are free political practice in educational institutions, regular election of student parliaments and building cultural, social, political and democratic educational institutions in educational institutions. Although the system of student parliament elections has been closed for a long time, it has been introduced for some time but it has not raised hopes among the people.
There is also a tendency to show the influence of power.Where young people can have a big impact on the politics of voting, the participation of young people in running the government is absolutely disappointing. If the government was run on the basis of the views and participation of the youth in different sections of the state including the electoral system and the system of government, that government would have become more dynamic and effective.
All these positive changes are very important to build a developed country. We also need to amend the Digital Security Act and allow us to speak rationally so that the government can build a prosperous Bangladesh by taking timely decisions in its light. There will be no shaft.
(This is a Translated article)
Originally written in Bangla by: zazafee
5 August 2020