Our Result and Concerns of Our Life


Lets talk about Our Result and Concerns of Our Life.To all the beautiful soul who just have crossed the school boundary passing SSC examination.First of all, if you are satisfied with your result, then a big congratulation to you.If you are not, then this write-up is for you.

Have you ever wondered why are you here in this vast universe? What is your role in this earth or why have you been sent here? Actually, we often can not fathom this stuffs until we do or achieve something extraordinary. For sure, this achievements do not necessarily have to be your academic success. It is far beyond these.Public exam pass marks 40, no GPA 5

Who is Greater than Institutions

To be very frank and practical, the result of board examinations are not worthless completely. A good result of SSC examination helps you get admitted to a good government college and a good result of HSC helps smoothen your admission process to public universities. We, children of medium or low income family, usually remain in pressure to get admitted in government or public institutions to reduce pressure on our family. If you work hard in order to fulfill this motto, we appreciate your efforts whether you’ve made this possible or not. But, let me remind you a very important thing – People make institutions great, not institutions.

Steady on Your Work

SSCHence, you’ve to bring improvement on your self, your work and your learning. Precisely, you can make a way to show your blaze if you have strong will. Be steady on your learning…may it be coding or your interest in mathematics or chemistry or your passion in literature or your interest in the twist of physics. Think out of the syllabus.

The happiness lurks in the present and so, work on it to have your better version in your future. Rubem Alves said – “everyone is hoping that joy will be here after graduation, the wedding, the birth, of the trip, the promotion, the lottery, the election of the new house, the separation, of the retirement…and she is not enough, because the joy doesn’t live in the future, but only in the now.”

Institutions do not teach everything

Our textbooks or institutions do not teach us all of the necessary things of our life. They do not teach us how not to be deceived while buying your necessary items, to give console, to refrain yourself from being arrogant or egoistic, to raise your voice seeing racism or injustice or crime and so on. That is why, do not think that our world is confined in this academic activities. So, let’s take a chill pill and make a new good start, shall we?


Written by: Humaira Binte Rashid