Monroe’s untimely death is still a mystery

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

American actress, model and singer Marilyn Monroe. She became a major sexual symbol of her time. She once faced a scandal by taking nude pictures. The blonde also fell in love with US President Kennedy. Monroe’s untimely death is still a mystery. Alauddin Majid has made a report about this

Who is this Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model and singer who became famous for her role as the comedian ‘Blonde Bombshell’. She became a major sexual symbol of her time and starred in a significant number of commercially successful films in the 1950s and 1960s. Monroe was one of the top actresses in just a decade, her films grossing ২ 200 million (equivalent to ২ 2 billion in 2016) by the time she died in 1982. Even after more than half a century, She has still captured the hearts of the world as a popular culture icon.

He spent his childhood in Shishupalli

Monroe’s other names are Norma Jean Mortensen and Norma Jean Baker. She was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, USA. She grew up in Los Angeles. Her father Gladys worked as a film negative cutter in the Consolidated Film Industry. Monroe spent most of her childhood in Shishupalli. She was working in a factory as part of a war effort during World War II.


On her 18th birthday on June 19, 1942, she married James Jim Dougarty, an employee of the Aircraft Plant. Then Monroe dropped out of school and became a housewife. Later she said in this context, her life was neither unhappy nor happy as a result of marriage. “My husband and I rarely talked to each other,” she said. It’s not because we were angry at each other. We had nothing to speak about. As a result I was uncomfortable.

Acting and production

Monroe’s acting career began in 1947 with modeling. In modeling, Monroe brings a hint of platinum white to her brown or brownish hair, which can be called her trademark. And her new name is Marilyn Monroe. 1945 Monroe began her career as a successful pin-up model in the First Motion Picture Unit. She was later signed to Twenty Century Fox and Columbia Pictures in 1948, and was first seen in two movies. In 1949, Monroe returned to modeling. She signed a new contract with Fox in 1950 and made her acting debut in the film All About Eve.

The famous film ‘The Seven Year Itch’ was released in 1958. For the next two years, she acted in a number of comedy roles, including ‘As Young as You Feel’ and ‘Monkey Business’, and in the drama films ‘Class by Night’ and ‘Don’t Bader to Knock’. Became popular. The biggest box office success of her career was The Seven Year Inch (1955). In 1954, she set up her own film production company. She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in Some Like It Hot (1959). Her latest theatrical film, The Misfits, was released in 1981.

Naked in the face of scandal

Monroe took nude photos and faced scandal. Before becoming a star, she worked as a model in nude photography, which increased the audience’s interest in her films. In 1953, as one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, Monroe appeared in the lead role in the film Noah Niagara, which established her sexual appeal as the star image of the dumb blonde.

Homosexuality and divorce

Monroe has been married three times in her short life of 36 years. Her list of lovers included Frank Sinatra, James Jim Dagarthy, and John F. Kennedy.

She lived a life of drug addiction, depression and anxiety. Her marriage to retired baseball star Joe Dimagio and playwright Arthur Miller was discussed. There are reports that Marilyn was gay. Marilyn said she had sex with girlfriend Natasha.

Kennedy love episode

Monroe had more than a love affair with US President John F. Kennedy. The book “This Few Presses Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie”, published in the United States, states that Monroe believed in her heart that the president would leave his wife and marry her. That’s why she used to ask her friend Jenny Carmen, “Can’t you think of me as the First Lady?” The book claims that Kennedy was working behind the scenes with the Communists to assassinate Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s assassination was later dismissed as a suicide.

Murder or suicide?

On August 4, 1972, Monroe reportedly committed suicide by taking extra sleeping pills at her home in Brent-wood, Los Angeles. She was only 36 years old then. Although the court initially cited suicide as the cause of her death, several writings in the decades following her death described the death as a conspiracy. Kennedy’s involvement in the death was also publicized. However, Monroe’s death is still a mystery. The entanglement did not open.