Story of a brave brother

jabed iqbal

Today we will tell the story of a brave brother who sacrificed his life to save his sister. The name of that brave brother is Jabed Iqbal. Our humble tribute to this brave brother on behalf of the teenagers. May Allah grant him Paradise. May such a bond of love between brothers and sisters spread among all. Let the brother keep his sister safe from danger.

Jabed Iqbal, 24, hails from Chatkhil upazila in Noakhali. Living with relatives in Clementon City, New Jersey. On Sunday afternoon, July 12, he went to Ocean City, near his home, with his younger sister and other family members to take a bath. At that time the sea water was turbulent. The current of water dragged Jabed’s 18-year-old sister. He did not know how to swim. So Jabed went to rescue him. After the sister was somehow pulled to the shore, a strong current pulled Jabed. Jabed sank into the deep sea.

Eventually the coastal police were informed of the matter. Jabed’s brother Md. After they tried on Monday. He told Khalil about their frustration. Five days later, on Saturday morning, July 17, while fishing in the Great Harbor estuary between Longport and Ocean City, a corpse floated in a fisherman’s net. Fishermen immediately called 911 and the nearest fire department office. Divers came and recovered the half-dead body from the net.

Later, the Southern Regional Medical Office confirmed that it was Jabed’s body. Coastal police officials say the sea is becoming increasingly unrecognizable due to strong waves. That is why people are not allowed to go to sea. However, some people are coming to take a bath without the attention of the naval police and are having to suffer from such a tragic situation.

However, the locals complained that the notice of ban on bathing in the sea had not been seen before. The notice was hung after Jabed floated in the water.