Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh was one of the founders of the ride sharing app called ‘Pathao’ which is very popular in Bangladesh. Another is Hussein M. Elias. ‘Very few people have succeeded so quickly or at such a young age. This is because he was a very energetic and hardworking man, Hussein Elias told BBC Bangla. He studied Information Systems at Bentley University in the United States. Fahim Saleh, who was murdered in his own apartment, grew up in New York, and was a website developer by profession.

The media there has identified him as a ‘tech millionaire’. ‘He started working at a very young age. He started working in America in the field of IT from the age of 15/16. As a result, when he came to Dhaka in 2014, he was already known in the world of technology, and that is for his work, ‘said Mr. Elias.

Before the establishment of Pathao, Fahim Saleh opened two companies in Dhaka, one of which was a hackhouse and the other was an office in Banani. A total of three people, including Hussein Elias, came to work here and started sending app-based ride-sharing companies.

There were initiatives and thoughts in different countries

Fahim Saleh created the iCondud.com and AIMDud websites for young people. He started working at the age of fifteen and gained a lot of fame in the entrepreneurial world. He was also an entrepreneur of Adventure Capital Global. Mr Ilyas said Fahim Saleh was always thinking of doing something new based on technology. “At one point he gave up his share of the ship, because at that time he was very enthusiastic about what could be done in Africa and Latin America.”

The Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), a Bangladeshi technology organization, says Fahim Saleh has launched another ride-sharing platform in Nigeria, Gokada, in addition to Bangladesh’s ride-sharing services.

Don’t follow money, let him follow you

Fahim Saleh wrote on his blog, ‘Don’t follow the money, let it follow you’.

He writes that when he first started Internet games, his goal was to reduce costs. ‘Why would we hire someone from the United States when there is an opportunity for outsourcing! Why buy a premium server, when it is working well! Why take the office, when going to work from home! But when we look back, we realize that we have limited our growth.

In the context of his first web venture, Visitin Inc., he said that if it were to grow properly, it would be like a world-famous jigna or slide. In 2005, there was a potential for a network of at least 15 sites, Wisdom Inc.

Invest in the company as much as you can, get paid as much as you need, then invest more and most importantly, don’t follow the money, let him follow you. ‘

Projects and investments

In addition to app-based ride sharing or website networking in various countries, the projects he mentions on his blog are: PrankDial (sending funny calls to friends), Dollspot (kids mobile-based gaming site) and Hackhouse (Dhaka-based venture). . Further investment was in Ninja Fish Studios. It is a children’s mobile gaming company. The Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) says the death of Fahim Saleh has not only lost the country’s IT industry to a successful entrepreneur, but also to the country’s young startup entrepreneurs, one of their inspires and pioneers.

Source: BBC Bangla