Subha Safayet Shizda

Subha Safayet Shizda
Subha Safayet Shizda

Subha Safayet Shizda is a Bangladeshi child prodigy. Although she is mainly a child, she has started a movement to give social awareness speeches and make people aware of various issues. Her every word is reasonable and millions of people inside and outside the country like her words very much. Shizda was born on 15 June 2013 in Dhaka. Her Fathers name is Mirza Safayet Jahan Polash and mothers name is Nafisa Akhtar. Shizda lives on Indira Road near Farmgate area of Dhaka with her parents. 

There are many princesses in fairy tales and there are many impossible events. That is why we love to listen to fairy tales. But even among us sometimes true fairytale princesses appear. Maybe no one notices and no one notices. But the radiance of the princess is so great that no one could hide the radiance of the princess just as the clouds could not hide the sun. Revealed like a full moon. The real princess of our fairy tale is Subah Safayet Shizda.


Shizda is the only daughter of her parents. She is studying in English medium school. She has no formal education in presentation. She has learned to speak in a nice manner in front of the camera just by talking to her family members. This little friend has come to the discussion through social media lately. She is sending awareness messages about Corona on Facebook every day.

The incident started with lockdowns across the country. Like everyone else, Shizda has been under house arrest for almost a month. It is strictly forbidden to leave the house. Even after that, many people are walking in the streets and markets without following the rules. At this time Shizda‘s father Mirza Safayet Jahan Palash was thinking how to spread awareness among them. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He discusses with the girl. Both agreed to promote awareness videos on Facebook. Starting from that.

At first, Shizda could be seen occasionally on her father’s Facebook ID. Gradually participation continues to grow. Sometimes on the roof of the house, sometimes on the reading table, sometimes playing with dolls, Shizda is going with the message of awareness. Shizda‘s words come up about what to do in Corona. A video of Corona with her father was first posted on March 14. The next time, from March 24, Shizda‘s Father uploaded a video every day. Shizda has been seen in about 30 videos so far. Don’t focus on each video. She can say many things about Corona in very fluent language. The father calls his daughter ‘Daughter of Bangladesh’ in the video. People viewed a video a maximum of 5 million times as a view. So far, more than 90 million people have seen Shizda‘s conscious message on social media.

Hobbies & Interest:
Shizda is interested in drawing outside of studies. She loves to read fairy tales, but she also likes science books.Her father said she has been interested in various things since she learned to speak. Her nature is to listen to the news and read the newspaper and want to know different things. Lots of questions. Pink, purple and blue are her favorite colors. Loves to travel. She also has a keen interest in dinosaurs and unicorns.

We wanted to know from Shizda what you want to say to all little friends. Says prostration; Everyone needs to be aware of corona. Can’t go out. Wash your hands frequently. Have a wonderful time with family. Eat healthy food, pray regularly and exercise, read good books and watch good movies. Corona is a very short-lived disaster. This danger will disappear in the blink of an eye. She believes that schools will open, drawing classes will open and all life, including sports, will soon return to normal.