Finding Dory

Finding Dory
Finding Dory

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? If you are a movie lover like me, today I will present a great movie story for you. “Finding Dory” is a popular movie in the list of some educational movies made for children. And without further ado, let me tell you a little bit about the movie.

Dory, a small beautiful blue fish. Who doesn’t have a forgotten bamboo. Can’t remember anything. So his parents are very worried about his disease. They try to keep Dory normal, but Dory forgets everything, in a moment. At one point, Dory lost his parents.

Although he has forgotten Bammo, Dori remembers that he has parents, that is, he had a family. But sadly Dory can’t remember her parents. He can’t even remember where he lived. But Dori did not give up But he is just trying to find his parents

Thus a year passed. One day while teaching migration poems to some children in class with string-ray fish, he was advising them never to go to the current. Will always swim against the current.

Dory then recalls that his parents and he had told him that when some sea creatures swam together, it was as if they were swimming against the current, otherwise there would be great damage in the face of the current. “The Jewel of Moro Bay, California.” Dory, her friend Marilyn and Nemo can be taken home. Where his family is.

After moving to California, Dory remembered Jenny and Charlie Which was the name of his parents. From here, the story takes a new turn. The people of the Marine Life Institute capture Dori and lose her friends Nemo and Marlin.

7 to sell him in the aquarium in Cleveland And here he meets his new friend Munnar, who is an octopus. However, the octopus does not have a leg, so Dory calls him Septopus.

Periodically, Dory meets his childhood friend Destiny. Destiny was a whale. Dori could speak the language of whales. After knowing his home address from Destiny, he left again with Munnar. With a lot of hard work and all the dangers, Munna Dori reached her address Dori goes back to her house

But his efforts have been in vain. Because from here all the blue fish have been sent to Cleveland. Saying that he would not go to Cleveland again, Dori came to his house with Munna’s help and gave Munna a token with which Munna would go to Cleveland. But Dory remembers it all again. How he lost his family She feels responsible for losing herself to her family.

Finding a way to Cleveland again, Dori finds her friend Nemo and her son Martil through a pipe. The purpose of Cleveland goes with them again.

At one stage, he met Munna again. With Munnar’s help, Dory, Merlin and Nemo go to the Neil fish But when he found out that his parents were missing him, they went to look for him and never came back They will not return Jenny and Charlie are dead. After hearing this, he can no longer keep himself calm
Fear 7 becomes subconscious By the way, he is too late.

But luck was on Dory’s side Otherwise, even after losing everything, the beloved family finally finds it Own entity means one’s own parents. But he lost his best friends Nemo and Marilyn.

Pipe then finds Nemo and Marilyn with the help of his friend Destiny. A great event happened here All the captive fish, including Marlin, Nemo, and Munna, regained their freedom due to Dory’s tactical intelligence. Everyone is free
That’s how Dory gets everyone back If you don’t watch the movie, you will miss a lot If you don’t want to miss out on Dory’s amazing adventure journey with all his friends and family, check out this great 3D animation movie “Finding Dory” today.

Author: Arif Hossain Rajan