The days are not in my golden cage

RAJUK Uttara Model College in Uttara started its journey in 1994 with the vow of “Education for Humanization”. There were ups and downs along the way.The days are not in my golden cage.Let’s make that college life a little colorful.

On the way to the college, you will see a huge gate. Next to the gate, there are some security guards in black clothes. In college, they are known as Mama. Apparently, they look like rocky eyes, but there is no lack of juice in them. It is worth considering how much you can squeeze.

After entering, a beautiful Shaheed Minar, next to it, you will see a help desk. On the other side is the canteen. Entering the college building through the corridor is like entering a different world. Walking, you will see the gallery. From the pictures of Shakib Al Hasan coming to RAJUK to the pictures of other famous people coming to the college Pictures of the best of the best, some certificates of the college next to it. If you go to walk, you will know about the college at a glance.

Classes are held in two shifts at RAJUK College. Morning and day. There are two branches in Bengali and English medium. In total it is called Wing. There are four wings in the college. Each wing has different clothes. And all students have ID card and name tag. Learn some general information about him.

The classrooms of RAJUK College are a strange place. Here you can see almost all kinds of people as classmates. Some of you are mathematicians, some of you spread the fascination of melody in songs, some of you create a world of fascination by reciting strong voices, some of you draw great pictures, some of you may not think that your classmates can write them. Some of them are residents of Dhaka and some of them have come from distant Kurigram, Cox’s Bazar, Panchagarh. This identity of upper class, middle class and lower class has disappeared a lot.

RAJUK College has about 6,000 students. From the sixth to the twelfth, you will see in this colorful life of six years, more than two hundred teachers, hundreds of office assistants and uncles. All the teachers in the college have good university degrees and their teaching style is extraordinary. After finishing the class, someone said that it is not bad to have a little song or story today.

RAJUK College is remarkable in terms of infrastructure. The college has two buildings. A three-stored building is a combination of another three buildings. This is the main building of the college. In the middle of the building you will find a square green field. There is a huge library in the college. Before class, after class, at Tiffin Hour, you can read as many books as you want here. However, many people crowd to eat AC air.

The college has a gymnasium, prayer room, well-equipped computer lab where someone goes to work on the computer, someone goes to play games in secret. Many sleep more than the computer again. The college building is like a back alley for newcomers. The design of the college canteen is also great. But if you are a foodie, don’t rely on canteen food at all.

The central hall of the college is probably the funniest place. All the stars on stage have once covered this central hall. The guitarist of the band, the guitarist of the band Trainwreck who shares the stage in foreign concerts and this boy. If you are central, you will see some of the superstars of the future. However, if you want to meet a special community, you must have regular visits to the washroom. Sometimes you may not like the boring class.

Many people walk around in the elevator or on the stairs. But be careful, vice principals, there is no protection if you fall into the clutches of the adjutants. The central hall of the college is probably the most fun place. Today, Ikram Wasi, a popular actress like Nusrat Faria, sits behind the Central Hall and plays the Tung Tung guitar. However, if you want to meet a special community, you must have regular visits to the washroom. Sometimes you may not like the boring class. Many people take the elevator or the stairs again. However, the careful vice principal, the adjutants are not safe.

RAJUK College will give you a huge platform for clubbing. The photography clubs here are famous all over the country. Besides, Debate Clubs, Nature Clubs, Art Clubs, Meditation Clubs, Football Clubs, Cricket Clubs, Basketball Clubs, IT Clubs are active all year round. Talent Hunt is organized, Talent Show is organized. The last two periods are held every Saturday of the week. There is a fest organized by Club Day.

College discipline is very strict, but to develop your talent, this four-and-a-half acre institution will give you a lot of opportunities to present yourself. It will help you to present yourself in front of the big world. The days are not in my golden cage.”

Author: Mehedi Hasan Hridoy