I am happy to fulfill my father’s dream

Cadet Astha
Cadet Astha
I am happy to fulfill my father’s dream.I have been listening to my father about cadet college since my childhood. My father got a chance in the written test but could not pass the oral test. I have always heard from my father that he sees his unfulfilled dreams in my eyes.

From there the dream started. Preparations started after getting up to the sixth grade. I have never been better as a student. I got a little number in maths, I didn’t get that in other ones either. I would never be the first in the test. I would have been third or fourth.

No one had a chance at the school I attended. Everyone who has taken the test before says it is not possible from here. Teachers are also disappointed. Only Dad said I could. Finally the day of examination came. Dad can’t go because of work.

I left very early in the morning. During the test, I did not see any acquaintances around me. The first test was good. The second test was not very good. When I came out, I saw everyone coming out crying. I thought everyone was bad, there is nothing to cry about.

The results of our written test were released a little late so I thought maybe I couldn’t. One sir said those who got the chance have been informed. I didn’t get it. I said at home. Everyone was informed. Two days later I found out that the results were not published. I just told my father.

A few days later the true results were revealed. Dad came in the morning and said my name is on the list. Then the oral preparation began. This is the first time anyone from this school got a chance so the campaign was a little too much.

I went to give an oral test. The results of the oral exam were released on my birthday. The best birthday present was given by the creator. Then the shopping started. Finally that day came. I started a new journey with 54 restless souls. That day I saw my father crying after many days. Before leaving me Dad said I would find a lot of friends here but a close friend of his went away.

My guide Apa is very beautiful, tidy and a good student. I’m just the opposite. Yet my relationship with him is good. Two days after leaving was the first Baishakh. We had a lot of fun but we couldn’t. That’s why I was new. Then after 5 years in Navises drill our house became second instead of first.

Now it’s time for the test. I failed in mathematics. It doesn’t end here, usually no one gets a taste of ED in Seven. I got it. My two classmates and I got together because we didn’t have the rest of the paper with us.

In athletics I was selected for the 800 meters. I was last. Then a stain appeared on the applet. This time I also got the second edita. Because I didn’t polish my shoes. I couldn’t do anything last time because I was on the first Baishakh. So we wore sari in the room. I caught and ate. Housemaster Sabera Madam took pictures in her room.

Then the trouble started with who will go where on holiday. I was told to go to my grandfather’s house as Karna was sick in my building. Everything was fine, at the last moment my father said I was not going to my grandfather’s house. I could not sleep happily all night.Now I am happy to fulfill my father’s dream.

Author: Sumaiya Mustafa Astha

Class Eight, Mymensingh Girls Cadet College.