Success of Bangladeshi girl in Spain

Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha
Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha

Success of Bangladeshi girl in Spain. Bangladeshi teenager Soha has become the national level champion in wrestling in Spain. At the age of only 14, ‍she became the champion in the weight of 6 kg and surprised everyone.

Soha won the title on March 17 in a competition organized by the Spanish National Athletics Federation. Her full name is Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha. He studied in English medium in class nine. Soha said, ‘Wrestling is not a fight, it is a strategy. Tactically defeating the other side. My goal this time is to show the best performance in the world and the Olympics after becoming the champion in Europe. ‘ She prayed for blessings and said, “I can be a champion in the Olympics as a Bangladeshi girl.”

Soha is the daughter of Hafizur Rahman and Soheli Sharmin of Rangpur, who live in Madrid. His brother Akib is a good wrestler. Mother is a female organizer.