Shruto: A Platform For The Blind


I am quite sure that you’ve ever gone to an adventure, solved an amazing and mysterious case, cried, laughed and done many other things with the characters of many books by reading them. Those feelings are awesome. Aren’t they?

But have you thought about that how blind peoples can enjoy these feelings? you can say about Braille books but those are costly and not so many in numbers in our country. Sudeepto Saha, a teenaged boy from Khulna Public College have founded a foundation named ‘Shruto’ which is a platform of an audio book for the blind. They record a book and upload the videos in their website and youtube channel. Duration of the videos are less than 15 minutes. Volunteers from all over the country work for it. If you want to be a volunteer you can know the rules from the official website(Shruto)  or contact with them on the facebook page .

If you are bored of reading books or on a journey, you can keep in touch with them just by listening them. And if about blinds , it’s very helpful. undoubtedly!

Story behind Shruto:

We talked to the founder of the organization Sudeepto Shaha about the story behind Shruto. In that conversation, Sudeepto frankly talked about the story behind this. “The story began from the book fair 2016 at Khulna. I am a bookworm, book lover, I went there for my favorite books. I found just a single different thing around thousands of people gathering at the book fair.

A boy of 20-21 may be, I found him, who came being attracted to the Book , was a blind. I saw another person 5/6 years older than the blind boy was reading Book in front of him so that he can understand about the book. The blind boy then judge the book after hearing from his companion and deciding what book he should buy. I asked his companion from my curiosity that how the blind boy read this book without having the book in Braille systems. His companion said that the blind boy is his younger brother and every day after office he comes to home and reads those books by sitting beside his younger brother who is blind. But now a days he can’t give enough time for his brother for the official tight schedule.

Sudeepto said that, after hearing this, I felt love and respect to the older brother who helping not only his brother but also a blind boy who loves books. This incidence encouraged me a lot to build a website for those who can’t see like us, for those who are blind. After that, we worked more and more to read some good books and to make a video recorded with the book reading so that every blind people can hear the story of the book they love. for this reason, the organization “Shruto” starts with a motto “ Eye light can be found in the book” There are more than hundreds of people working this organization to help blind peoples to learn and read. If you have love and responsibilities to the blind people and to the society then you are welcome to join this team.

Written by: Farhana Mojib


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