Become a Change maker Ambassador


Are you passionate about and looking for ways to create or advocate development and change? Are you a social change activist or entrepreneur? Here is the platform for you!

You can become a Change maker Ambassador!

I Am A Change Maker is looking for amazing individuals who are passionate about development and can help us build a community of Change makers. You’ll join a close network of other ambassadors – each with a dynamic role to play in our community.

  • You can do this if you are:
    • Passionate about social change
    • Active on social media
    • Willing to know more about social enterprise
    • A team player; you’re able to listen, communicate, and work with people.
    • A member (Membership Fee Tk 1000/-) of I Am A
  • What you’ll do:
    • Share social change ideas and current practices with the community
    • Take part in I Am A   labs and events
    • Invite people to the virtual community using social media and face to face meetings
    • Raise any tech/ content specific questions from the community to the   Team
    • Engage with   on the Forum by responding to their posts and contributing your thoughts or experience
    • Organize independent I Am A   supported events

( Antora, one of the Founder of Teenagers has been selected as Change Maker Ambassador)

  • What you get
    • Connect with other Change makers
    • You will also have your profile picture on our ambassador page
    • Volunteer experience with an organization (good for resume or profile)
    • Be part of an innovative, meaningful and fun organization that is changing the world.
    • A Change maker Ambassador certificate

Contact: 01915602796,

Email: [email protected],

Facebook: I am a change maker
Membership Form Link:


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