Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, is the man who sets the most beautiful example in front of people when they start suffering from depression due to one failure after another. After repeated failures, he rose to the top of success …

Name Colonel Harland Sanders. He owns KFC, the world’s first large fried chicken. From the beginning to the end of his life, despite the failures and grief, he achieved success at the age of 70 through his indomitable will and hard work. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is undoubtedly the most popular name in the world today after McDonald’s in the world of fast food.

KFC has more than 20,000 approved outlets in 125 countries around the world. And the name that is at the top of the menu of this wide fast food restaurant is the original recipe chicken. Made with a mixture of 11 types of spices, this mind-blowing taste of chicken fry attracts everyone, big or small.

KFC recipe chicken is also a universal order at KFC outlets. In 1940, Colonel Harland, the founder of KFC, started selling this chicken fry called Original Recipe Chicken with a mixture of the first 11 spices. Since then, the taste of this fried chicken has spread to different parts of the world unaltered.

In 2006, KFC surpassed the milestone of selling 1 billion or 100 crore chicken fries worldwide! But the life of the father of this fried chicken was not smooth. Repeated failures engulf Sanders’ life. Finally at the age of 6 he came and found success. The full name is Colonel Harland David Sanders. Born on September 9, 1890 in Henry Valley, Indiana. Father Wilbur David and mother Margaret Anne Sanders. Sanders is the eldest of three children. Dad was a farmer. He farmed on a farm of 60 acres. And that’s how the world would have gone to Sanders somehow. But suddenly Sanders’ life took a turn for the worse.


In 1893, while working on the farm, David’s father, Wilbur David, broke his leg in an accident. Father Wilbur David died two years after the accident when Sanders was just five years old. After her father’s death, her mother, Margaret Anne, remarried in 1902. Sanders didn’t like his honest father’s family. After his mother’s second marriage, Sanders and his family moved to Greenwood, Indiana.

He left home at the age of 13 as a child of a poor family. Even before he dropped out of school. He started working as a farmer on the farm. But as a teenager, Sanders did not like farming. He then took a job painting Indiana police horse-drawn carriages. Leaving this too, he started working as a farm laborer again at the age of 14. Then in 1908 he worked as a car conductor in New Albany, Indiana. He did that job for only a year. Then he took the job of beating iron in the forge. But Sanders did not survive here. This time he started cleaning the ash tank of the coal-powered train.

At the age of 18 he got a job as a fireman at the station. At one time he also worked as a day laborer at Northfolk and Western railway stations. Colonel Sanders could not work in one place for long. Two years later he returned to Illinois Central Railroad. Started working as a fireman. Sanders lost his job four times in 18 years. He then started studying law at Extension University.

After finishing his studies, he started earning money after three years of training in an organization called Little Rock. Here, too, his obstacles did not end. Sanders ended his legal career after a heated argument with a client in Adalatpara. After a few days, he said goodbye to the legal profession. From there back to Pennsylvania. He took a job at the railway station. Not too long ago, he moved to Jeffersonville with his family in 1918 and started working for an insurance company.

Sanders could not stand anywhere. Because, he was of angry nature. So he lost his insurance job and worked as a salesman. He also worked as a store clerk. He got married in 1908 at the age of 18 and became a father at the age of 19. But at the age of 20, his wife left him and took the girl away. In 1920 he founded the Boat Company. Sanders made dinghy boats here and sold them.

At one time he also introduced shares in the name of the company to make the future of the company bigger. Most of which was owned by Sanders himself and he was later elected secretary of the company. This was the first success of his career. He opened a 140-seat restaurant in 1940 and started selling special fried chicken. This chicken of new taste is starting to gain popularity.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has become the world’s largest fried chicken company since Sanders turned the concept of “chicken fry” into a source of income in 1952. The old restaurant is today’s ‘KFC’. Which has 600 branches. In 1960, Sanders sold the restaurant to an American company for 2 million. Until his death in 1960, Sanders traveled mile after mile to see the value of his hand-made recipes. Never compromised on quality.

All the time wanted to live in the minds of people with their own recipes. Time is of the essence. So if you stick to something more properly than the mind, success will come. At any age, Sanders’ ideal was to present himself in a new way with new enthusiasm.

Ever been a day laborer, fireman, car tire dealer … ‘If you can’t do it once, see it a hundred times’, I have only read the poem since my childhood, never seen it in terms of reality. But even today, when I hear the success stories of some people, I think it’s not wrong! Everything is available if you want. I just want the concentration behind the desire and the desire to really get it. And today I am going to tell the story of someone who may change the way we think about life.

In 1922, Sanders became a secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Columbus, Indiana. He left the job at one point because he didn’t like it. Not only that, he also sold his dinghy company for 32 thousand dollars. Its current market value is 3 lakh 9 thousand dollars. With that money he started a company that manufactures hydrocarbon gas lamps. His electric lamp company did not last long. Sanders suffered losses in the electric lamp business.

After overcoming various setbacks, Sanders moved to Winchester, Kentucky. There he took a job as a salesman at a tire company called Machelin. When the company closed in 1924, he took a job at a station in Nicholasville, and strangely enough, the station closed in 1930. In the same year, the Shell Oil Company in the North Carolina area of ​​Kentucky offered him food services for station staff.

He did not have to rent a place there. It is enough to give a small portion of the dividend of the food sold in exchange. Sanders served a variety of fast food services, including fried chicken. The fame of Sanders’ food spread to alleys in Kentucky. He started a motel business in Asheville, North Carolina in 1939, but was stopped short. Yet Sanders did not back down. Sometimes a day laborer, sometimes a train fireman, sometimes an insurance company salesman, a car tire seller, a filling station employee and most recently a restaurant trader.

In the 1930’s, Sanders began selling a variety of foods next to a gas station in Kentucky. He cooked and served various South American dishes. Gradually the fame of the food spread around. Since then, Colonel Sanders has gained a reputation as a chef. People started coming from far and wide for the food he made. The ultimate success came in the hands of Sanders. And so Sanders gradually became the pioneer of the world’s failed people.

KFC currently has thousands of franchises around the world. Everywhere KFC has maintained its quality and taste the same year after year.

Starting from the gas station

In 1930, Sanders started a food business inside a gas station in Kentucky. In the dilapidated room there was only a small table. Sanders used to arrange lunch for the truck drivers at the station. Fried chicken was the only food item that took a long time to prepare. Apart from this, his ham and stick dinners were also very popular. Sanders opened a restaurant and sold chicken fry and iron skeletons.

Over time, Kentucky fried chicken began to gain popularity. But unfortunately that restaurant closed. Later in 1935 he started business again. In addition to the station drivers, Sanders also delivered chicken fried to order outside. This time too fate was not on his side. In 1939, Sanders opened a motel in Asheville, North Carolina. The motel business caught fire and it was shut down.

Sanders started the truck drivers’ food business at the gas station again. This time he took a 140-seat restaurant and started selling special fried chicken in his restaurant in July 1940. New flavored chicken fries are starting to gain popularity. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the world’s first large-scale fried chicken company. This ancient restaurant is today’s popular ‘KFC’. In just 10 years since 1955, its branches have spread all over the world. Now KFC has more than 600 branches but it started from a small gas station.

KFC outlet

That is why the colonel is called

It’s normal to make such a mistake if you are not a resident of Kentucky. As many think, Colonel Sanders must have been the leader of the military at some point. The fact of the matter is that the common people of Kentucky, of course, respectfully called Sanders a colonel. And Sanders used the name to build himself up. But there is a history behind this name. Sanders came to the very end of his life and succeeded.

He received the title of ‘Colonel’ in 1935, when he opened a ‘Sanders Cafe‘ in a dilapidated room inside a gas station and traded in food. But in 1949 Sanders received the title of Colonel in the form of a certificate. This special honor was conferred by the then Governor of Kentucky. In 1950, Sanders began to present himself as a civilized and colonel in Kentucky.

Sanders presented himself as a unique man with a white beard, string tie and white vest coat. And because of the success of the business and its spread around the world, the name Colonel is on everyone’s lips, which has honored Sanders in his last years. Sanders, which changed the taste of chicken, started gaining popularity in 1950 by selling its own recipes in different states of the United States. Fascinated by his business and new flavors of food, the common people of Kentucky called him a colonel.

Repeatedly involved in trouble

Many were upset with Sanders for having a hot head. Even his own wife left him. But after stumbling from the beginning of his life, Sanders learned the reality and overcame various obstacles and moved towards his destination. He had to quit his job again and again due to his angry and hot head. So maybe he never got rid of the trouble or the trouble came to him again and again.

Evidence of this can be found in the fact that his shale oil and gas station ‘Hell’s Half Acre’ house was ransacked. Sanders was worried about his future. He was always thinking about how to expand his business. An aggressive marketing ploy was thrown at him during the signing of the giant fastfood’s massive campaign deal. This strategy was conducted by Matt Stewart, director of a standard oil gas station near the Shell Oil Gas Station.

Colonel Harland Sanders Memorial

Sanders was told in the deal, ‘Stuart chose the path of fraud to thwart Sanders’ business campaign. Stuart was attacked after Sanders became aware of the matter. A murder case is found in the book “Colonel Sanders and the American Dream” by Josh Azarski. Unable to tarnish Sanders’ reputation, Stuart shot and killed Robert Gibson, the manager of the shale gas station. Police arrested Stuart, who was sentenced to 18 years in prison. But even after Stuart’s arrest, Sanders had to face many questions. ‘

The world’s first KFC

Kentucky started fried chicken in 1952 with just fried chicken. Later he added fast food items. Then KFC’s first franchise was Sanders’ friend Pete Harman. Pete Harman enthusiastically ran a huge restaurant business. Encouraged by Pete Sanders’ keen appreciation of KFC’s taste, he opened a new branch in Salt Lake City.

Pete Herman was KFC’s first franchise and KFC’s first chain shop was launched with enthusiasm. According to Josh Ozarski, ‘Sanders does great business in the restaurant next to the station. At one point he took his friend Pitt with him to open a new branch to expand his business. Pete came to Kentucky with Monica. Back then, KFC’s bucket-sized food serving box looked different. Pete Herman signed a franchise agreement with Sanders’ KFC for 105 USD a month.