Raha Maria

Raha Maria
Raha Maria

Raha Maria is a Bangladeshi model and child television actress. Born on March 13, 2010. She is also known to have acted in many television commercials.Raha Maria is a smiling little girl who can easily be called a princess. Like the colorful wings of a butterfly, she also has invisible wings. She began to fly in the sky of dreams with the her invisible wings.

Raha is a child actress, model and Singer. Her nickname is Raha. Raha Maria is one of the youngest child artists in Bangladesh. She has gained popularity in television, advertising, photo-shoot and other modeling sectors.

In addition to modeling and acting, she has a variety of talents that makes her constantly more successful. Raha was born on March 13,2010 in a Hospital in The Capital City Dhaka. She is currently living in Dhaka along with her family.

Her father’s name is Manjurul Hasan. He is an employee and her mother’s name is Irene Parveen. She is a housewife. Raha is 4th grade student of Bangladesh International Tutorial (BIT) Gulshan Branch. She is impossibly a favorite student of her school teachers with her studies. She participated in various competitions in her school and won many prizes.

Favorites and hobbies:

Raha’s favorite color is pink. She loves to eat Chocolate, Chicken fry very much. Raha Maria loves flowers. Her favorite flower is sunflower. She also loves swimming, Dancing, making TikTok. She use to practice dance most of her free time. Such dance is most important to her. She also likes to sing, compose poems, read books, watch TV, play with her mother and helps her in household work.

Acting and modeling career:

Raha Maria started her media career at her early age with a TVC of Marks All Round Products. Since then she has called for a variety of media jobs and has never been able to look back. She is extremely dedicated, and passionate about her every move. Raha Always try to do very well in everything like modeling, photo shoot or sports.

Day by day she is becoming the most adored and acceptable child artist in Bangladeshi media. In her current short career she spreads a lot of artistic, imaginative, inventive, creativity and innovation in her writings in the media.

She always tries to show a sophisticated style in every one of her work in the media line. The little princess named Raha Maria has entered the media holding her mothers hand. And the most inspiring person in her life is her mother. She made her media debut in “Advertise” in 2019. From the very beginning she performed on stage at school. Her first TV career as an artist and advertising model began in 2019. She also did a photo-shoot. Besides, she has also done various advertisements.

Her first TVC was Marks All Rounder and her second job was “Bangladesh Eye Hospital”. She hopes to do something more like this. As for future plans, she wants to be in the media until her end. She wants to work for the industry as much as she can afford. She also wants to be a doctor to help poor people.

She wants to be by the poor man’s side. Although she is very calm, she is not afraid in front of the camera. So from the very beginning she got a lot of interest in acting and everyone appreciated it. Earlier, she also recited some poems and performed some Dances. Raha wants to be regular in front acting.