Style of Men become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways.Many people think that you have to take a massive initiative to become a stylist man. It will be fashion oriented with Italy’s latest fashion awareness, the latest fashion of New York. But in reality these problems are not needed.
According to a report, Business Insider, in consultation with some fashion designers Billy Reid, John Vervatos and Joe Tearini, said in a report. Use 24 easy ways in this writing. Become fashion conscious.
1. Push your tie if necessary
Many times the tie may be lent style. But the matter is not so easy. For this, you can open two buttons on the shirt. But other buttons can not be opened.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

2. Shoe shiny
Many people do not give much importance to this issue. But in reality this issue plays an important role in your style. Shiny shoes will give you the idea of ​​being different and distinct from many people.
3. Match your access
Although it seems common to many, it has its importance in reality. Many people forget to keep the belt match with the shoe.
4. Simple design belt
Designer Billy Reid Belt feels easy and necessary. Simple design belt is more effective for fashion than an additional design belt.
5. Change the main theme
Look at your wadrow. Dress in different designs. Continue from White Oxford Design to Denim Shirts.
6. Wear a t-shirt
Many used to wear t-shirts in winter wear. But do not wear T-shirts in outer attire. But that trend was practiced in the 1950s. Now you can style it just after the shirt.
7. Change the belt
In men’s style, laziness is a major obstacle. Get rid of the laziness and change your belts.
8. Socks are important issues
There is no need to mix socks with shoe. But there is a need to look at a simpler issue than that. Choose a common color for your appearance. Then choose your tie, shirt and blazer and socks color according to the color.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

9. Wear tie
Many people do not want to wear ti when you need to go to any ceremony. This is considered to be the only office issue. But it is possible to wear tie in case of casual look. And for this, you need to learn to tie your nails properly.
10. Dress cloth color
In case of casual clothing, there is no restriction on wearing appropriate color clothing.
11. Fix the caller
Shirt shuffle makes the bar of the fashion a lot of time. For this reason, you can place the collar inside the corner of the corner. It is found at a small price.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

12. Carry handkerchief
It is useful to remove the garbage in the garbage, it is useful to protect the garment from sweating in summer, even if it does not work in fashion. With your help you can protect your clothes.
13. Make Dorjee a Friend
With the tailor that you sew the clothes, make him a friend. If they try, you can fix your fit clothing.
14. Choose advanced fabrics
It is also important to choose good clothes as well as to choose the best clothes. Fashion is not possible with good sewing without quality and durable clothes.
15. You can wear boots
You can see a little stylish boot as well as a normal shoe. This will bring innovation in your home country.
16. Try some fashionable fashion
Every year there is no new topic. There is no such thing that everything to follow. But if you wear one of the things in fashion, it will attract the attraction.
17. Get color this year
There is no need to opt for design from the traditional fashion or the Milan man’s show on Twitter. But every year, designers have a target on a particular color. Follow that color.
18. Invest in leather jackets
Adjusted almost all clothing with a well-fitted leather jacket. That’s why a leather jacket can be used this winter.
19. Match the clothes with your body
Determine the size of a dress that fits your body. It could be a brand specific sizes. If necessary, then collect clothing according to the size.
20. Watch
In the past, when there was no mobile phone, the clock was an aspect of human style. But still the time has not gone. There is a mobile phone but not a watch. That is why the matching watch is now back in the form of your style.
21. Keep the real context
In reality, use the appropriate form accordingly. It may contain tie bars. Use it, to keep the tie right. Clock can be kept in view of time.
22. Wear denim next year
To look for suitable denim, check out the color of this year’s denim and conventional denim in the previous year. Then try to guess what will be next year’s denim.
23. Hat
Hat or caps, their applications have not yet faded. You can wear them if needed.
24 Always wear comfortable clothing
Relaxing clothes are a big deal. Choose clothes according to your comfort and sew it as it is. Otherwise the whole thing may be confusing.

Feature Model: Mehedi Hasan Ashik

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