The way to keep the fragrance of the perfume for a long time. Perfume or body spray is a part of our daily life. After a while of using the perfume, the fragrance no longer remains. There are certain places to use perfume, if you use perfume in those places, your favorite fragrance will surround you for a long time.

The Daily Mail has reported on the strategy of keeping the fragrance for a long time even after using perfume. In that light, the details were given.

* Use perfume or body spray immediately after bathing. This makes the fragrance last longer.

* Use perfume on both sides of the neck under the chin. The smell will be chronic and intense. Also, spray the body on both sides of the chest.

* Good place to use perfume on wrists and elbows. Because these parts of the body are warmer than other places.

* Apply Vaseline on the wrist or skin before using perfume. The fragrance stays on the moist skin for a long time.

* After using perfume, if you apply moisturizer, the fragrance lasts. Apply a non-scented moisturizer on the part of the skin where you apply perfume.

* The pulse points of the body are the ideal place to apply perfume. In addition to the wrists, elbows, behind the knees, ankles, near the navel, behind the ears, the scent lasts for a while.

* Use a relatively heavy perfume during the day. Because perfume is needed for a long time during the day. Apply light perfume at night.

* Use perfume on the pulse points of the body, not on the clothes. There is also a risk of stains on the clothes when using perfume.

* Maintain a distance of 5-6 inches from the body of the bottle when applying perfume.