Mistakes Owe You

Keep smiling and be you

Mistakes owe you. Remember how things were, back in your childhood days? When you were a kid, your every act got appreciation. Everyone was so dear to you. You were dauntless and independent. You ate when you were hungry. Sang songs when you felt like to and danced to the rhythm. So, as a kid, you intrigued by what you saw when you looked in the mirror.

The grooming up

You grew up. At your 14, for the first time, you started to learn the “Do’s and don’ts” of your life. People started judging you and correcting you. They made you realize that your interests will mislead you. It made you believe that your decisions can bring no good. At times, you opened your box of creativity They started to treat you as impractical and compelled you to think that you were naïve and immature. At one time, they took the key of the box away from you. Everyone started to judge your every action. They put you in a mold. A mold where you’re still badly stuck. As a result, you lost your right to make mistakes in the first place. As an adult, you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Congrats! You have started to hate yourself.


Self-loathing and overcorrections

Now that you’ve started to hate yourself, you officially entered the realm of overcorrection. This is the phase where you started to commensurate with each and everything, people around you termed “Perfect”. You continuously changed yourself within and without but never got satisfied. Because when you started to overcorrect, you set standards for yourself that are impossible to meet. All of a sudden, you look for problems that didn’t even exist. You started to buy clothes not out of choice, rather hide your shortcomings. And making connections with people not to get acquainted, rather the outward appearance of being connected. Unknowingly you become pretentious which leads you to isolation. You prefer being alone than hanging out with friends. Because you suffer from insecurities regarding yourself. Adopting the behaviors that hurt you, so it can no longer be used against you. The situation gets worse and teenagers like you fall victim to various disorders. Namely, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder, personality disorder, etc.

Teen depression



Fallibility: you own it

Fallibility means we are obvious to make mistakes. It is our humanly quality which we can’t abandon. But the irony is “To err is human” is a statement we always memorized but never materialized. Mistakes owe you. It gives you the realization that what you shouldn’t repeat in the future. It’s the hurdles you overcome to refine yourself. But our problem is that we are never open to accept. We are willing to judge people. But never have we ever think about it. The thing which looks like a mere statement to us may appear offensive to others. The thing is, we only undergo an emotional state when we ourselves go through that. That’s why we don’t even consider it before we are throwing it to someone else. So, “The wearer knows where the shoe pinches” is a statement, we always over-materialized.


Mistakes owe you, not the absolute and nonnegotiable perfection the society prefers. This perfection is fleeting. When you are trying to become so-called “Perfect”, you are gradually losing a part of you. Soon you’ll find yourself, an imposter. All your decisions and jurisdictions won’t be your own. They will be a mixture of Mr.X, Mrs.Y, or Mr.Z’s ideology.

I'm perfect as I am!!


You have to stop this. Stop this marathon of perfection no one ever declared. You have to stop running to touch the torso that even isn’t there. Remember no one holds the right to judge you. You don’t owe them your perfection. Only “You” owe to your perfection and this perfection lies in satisfaction. As long as you’re satisfied with yourself, you’re perfect by every inch. As long as you love the person inside the mirror, your perfection is shimmering!

Here are some points, you must watch out:
  • Connect to your true self.
  • Learn to “live” throughout your life.
  • Don’t care what people say about you.
  • Stop taking everything personally.
  • Just be your own you.
  • Change yourself if it seems necessary to “You”.

Don’t you remember what American financier Bernard M. Baruch told you?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Remember, you were born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection. Mistakes owe you, dear.

Writer: Ayman Sabit

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