Appreciate Qualities!


In today’s changing world, how people judge others? By their personality, human qualities or only through the outer appearances? How important is it to value qualities over external elegances?

When getting acquainted with someone for the first time, usually everyone looks at their externality. So external elegance is also a bit important, only a little because a cultured person must have the clothing and talking senses according to space and time. But it is inappropriate when a person’s ability is judged by only his outer look or costly get-up. Even some reprehensible people laugh at the outwards imperfections of others forgetting their disabilities.

Especially, in adolescence, maximum teenagers waste time to get attention through their externality because, at that particular time, boys and girls expect to be more noticeable. With doubt, they have the slightest idea that their classmate, no matter how fat, slim, black or different, can also be a good friend of theirs, and they shouldn’t push him through words.

Practicing good human qualities to be worthy should be always praised in our society, not how the person looks like. So, stop to show yourself so perfect and do things to be a person of moral values and qualifications.

Correcting faults by constructive criticism and appreciating good efforts may helpful for own self and others. Try to discover one’s distinctive wellness that has more prices over his physical structure and other outward parts.

Writer: Shahnaz Parvin Shetu

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