Dual currency cards are very important for freelancing


Dual currency cards are very important for those involved in freelancing, starting from online shopping. Many times it is not possible to get a credit card due to various complications and conditions. Prepaid cards are very useful for them. To this end, several banks in Bangladesh have introduced prepaid cards. We will discuss them today.

EBL Aqua Prepaid Card

EBL, the country’s leading bank, has introduced prepaid cards much earlier than other banks. EBL currently has two types of prepaid cards, Master and Visa.

Eastern Bank’s two popular card services for travel and online shopping lovers are Aqua Pre-paid MasterCard and Visa Card. This is a dual currency card which means you can keep both BDT (Bangladeshi currency) and USD in it. You can take this card by visiting any branch of EBL.

EBL Mastercard Aqua Prepaid Card is an EMV Chip card, bundled with a host of benefits. This will ensure more security, convenience and flexibility for making your everyday spending with a single card. You can avail this card from any EBL Branches without having any account. You can also reload money whenever it is necessary.


  • Dual Currency EMV Prepaid Card
  • Discount facilities at over hundreds of partnered merchants
  • Countrywide
  • Faster access to funds globally 24×7
  • International and local shopping
  • Banking without any bank account
  • Round the clock cash withdrawal facility worldwide at large Mastercard ATM network
  • Absolutely free Cash withdrawal from any EBL ATM
  • Accessing to shops & restaurants throughout the globe
  • Online bill payment facility
  • Absolutely free reloading
  • Transaction Alert

Quick Facts

  • Acceptance: Throughout the globe
  • Currency: BDT & USD
  • Validity: 3 years


  • Must be a Bangladeshi national
  • Minimum 18 years of age

Document Requirements:

  • Completed EBL Prepaid Card Application Form
  • Recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant
  • Valid Photo ID (NID or Passport*)
  • Completed KYC Form

*Passport is mandatory for endorsement for International Transactions

*EBL reserves the right to request additional document(s) to ensure due diligence

SIBL Deposit

SIBL Dual Prepaid Card- Lots inside one

Social Islami Bank Limited has come up with a dual prepaid card by adding various benefits to make people’s life more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Easy to use at home and abroad, this card has been designed to be very customer friendly and timely. It is a dual currency pre-paid card that can be used in various e-commerce transactions including any ATM and POS terminal at home and abroad.
Through SIBL Dual Pre-Paid Card, students can pay their tuition fees at home and abroad as well as pay for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE etc.

There are also additional benefits for freelancers. They can easily pay for various services including registration or license fees of famous online companies including Google, Windows, Blackberry through SIBL Dual Prepaid Card.

Also various payments including online training, vendor certification program, website domain registration, hosting and cloud solution can be done effortlessly through SIBL Dual Prepaid Card.

Exim Bank Prepaid Card

We believe the best person to manage your money is you. With an EXIM Prepaid Card, managing your money doesn’t have to be complicated. Load the amount of cash you want onto your card, and you’re ready to spend. Make purchases online, pay bills quickly and easy, or shop at POS. Get an EXIM VISA Prepaid Card and keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket.

Why EXIM Prepaid Card?

  • EXIM Prepaid Card is a dual currency card.
  • It is available at any branch of EXIM Bank.
  • It can be uploaded from any EXIM branch with unlimited amount (Int’l part may load as per Bangladesh Bank Travel quota guideline).
  • No Profit, no penalty charges.
  • Bank account is not required.
  • Worldwide access to over 8.5 lac VISA branded ATMs for cash withdrawal and over 2.5 crore VISA merchants for purchase/shopping.
  • Online transaction facilities.
  • Unused balance is refundable.

Issuing fee,Security and Validity

  • BDT 300.00 + 15% VAT .
  • Validity is 5 years and the card is renewable for every year.
  • It’s a PIN-based card which ensures your card’s security during ATM transactions. And there are also a signature and photo of card holder which confirm the ownership of card to POS Merchants.
  • A 24-Hour priority Customer Service is available so that you can avail support and assistance anytime, anywhere.

Southeast Bank Ltd.

Southeast Bank Prepaid Card

A prepaid card and has been designed to give travelers a better alternative of carrying cash or depENDing on money exchange houses.Can be used for purchases at Merchants or withdrawal of cash from ATM Booths.Payment of international roaming bill of mobile phone.100% withdrawal of the deposit both at Merchant and ATM.Card issued only against previously deposited fund and may be issued for one time, re-loadable or renewal basis.

After returning from travel abroad, if any balance amount remains unutilized the same may be refunded. If any customer wants to retain his/her loaded amount for future trip, it may be adjusted or spendable in his/her next trip.Students and professionals can pay the following fees online using Virtual Card:Membership fee of foreign professional and scientific institution.Fees for application, registration, admission, examination (TOEFL, SAT etc.) in connection with admission into foreign educational institution.Visa processing fee.MDB Prepaid Card

Midland Bank Prepaid Card

MDB Prepaid Card is available in either our local currency or US Dollars at all branches of Midland Bank Limited for MDB customers as well as non MDB customers. This is a dual currency prepaid card which can be used according to Bangladesh travel quota allowance for hassle-free and convenient trips abroad.


  • Easy and fast processing: Readily available over the Cash Counter at all branches of Midland Bank Limited.
  • Dual currency card: Accepted at local and abroad.
  • Reloadable: At any Midland Bank’s cash counter, ‘midland online’ portal and by fund transfer through NPSB channel.
  • Convenience: Shop at millions of Visa merchant worldwide or at millions of online/e-commerce sites.
  • Empowerment: Sense of freedom and independence which comes with the power of the Visa brand
  • Eligibility: No need to have a bank account or a credit history (CIB report) to get the card.
  • Financial Control: Easier way to track personal spending.
  • Safety: Eliminates the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Security: Backed by EMV Chip & PIN.


  • No Issuance Fee.
  • No penal Interest charged on the money you spend.
  • No late charges.
  • No stress of carrying foreign currency.
  • Full cash withdrawal facility from Visa-Logo ATMs across the world.
  • Refund of unutilized fund through Account Transfer, ATM and BEFTN.
  • Free SMS alert for all transactions.