Zafar Iqbal will be remembered forever

Zafar Iqbal
Zafar Iqbal

Zafar Iqbal will be remembered forever. Zafar Iqbal is a timeless singer and actor’s favorite face. Thanks to the songs he has sung and the movies he has acted in, he is still in the hearts of the fans. This short-lived star will be remembered forever.

The hero goes to sing

Zafar Iqbal was spotted singing in a concert with his own band. Speaking of 1989. Khan Ataur Rahman, the proverbial man of the local film industry, was impressed to see him on stage during a song program. Then in 1970, Zafar Iqbal made his screen debut as a hero in his film ‘Apon Par’. A super-duper hit song of the film takes Zafar Iqbal to another level. The song ‘I opened the cage / said what I had to say’ sung by the late musician Bashir Ahmed in ‘Apan Par’ is still popular among the listeners.

Her role model is Elvis Presley

Good to play the guitar. His ideal star was King Elvis Presley of Rock n Roll. Daputa was a hero in the eighties. The most fashion conscious and stylist actor of his time. But the evergreen hero Zafar Iqbal was born in the world of music. He was supposed to be a singer. The band was his love. There are also albums by Zafar Iqbal. Zafar Iqbal was a guitarist before he appeared on the movie screen.

The band’s founder

Zafar Iqbal formed a band called “Rambling Stones”  in 196 with his friends Tota, Mahmud and Farooq out of love for music. At that time he became very busy with the band. In 1986, he took part in a competition at the Hotel Intercontinental. His band used to perform music at the hotel every Saturday and Sunday.

Singer without learning songs

His cultural journey began with music. However, he did not learn music from anyone. Growing up in the world of music, he could sing very well without learning to sing. Older brother Prominent composer Anwar Parvez and younger sister legendary singer Shahnaz Rahmatullah used to try to sing themselves. He learned to love the song like a sibling and started singing.

Different skills

Zafar Iqbal had different skills in playing guitar. Before passing SSC, he became proficient in playing guitar. Elvis Presley was his favorite artist. He used to play the guitar and sing Elvis Presley whenever there was an event at school. Growing up in a musical environment, Zafar Iqbal emerged as a musician. He used to play guitar with composer and music director Alauddin Ali.

Indira Road studio

At the Indira Road studio, he played the guitar to the tune of Robin Ghosh in the famous film director Ehtesham’s song ‘Pichdhala Ei Pathke Bhalobeshechi’. Playing the guitar piece of this timeless song. He has also composed music for many films. He also sang the song ‘If there is more infamy, I am no longer anyone’ in the movie ‘Badnam’ directed by Nayakraj Razzak. Nayakraj Razzak has composed this song under his own direction.

Apart from starring in Darashiko’s ‘Fakir Majnu Shah’, Zafar Iqbal also sang ‘Premer Agune Jwale Pure’ with Alauddin Ali’s melody and music directed by Alauddin Ali. He sided with Mohammedan by singing ‘Joy Abahani, Joy Mohammedan’ in Gazi Mazharul Anwar’s ‘Sandhi’.

BTV Musician

He has sung several songs in BTV’s ‘Anandamela’. In the mid-eighties, he released a solo album called ‘Ken Tumi Kandale’ with his own songs. On BTV, Zafar Iqbal performed ‘Sukhe Theko O Amar Nandini, Hoye Karo Gharni’. Zafar Iqbal sang on BTV’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, “What is the value of a heart for a heartless person?” Zafar Iqbal’s list of impeccable songs also includes ‘The way I live, I’m alive, life and death are close’, ‘Don’t finish, don’t play at the beginning, don’t break’, ‘From abroad to home’. He has sung about 200 songs.

Fashion icon

Zafar Iqbal was a full-fledged artist with a combination of voice, acting, fashion and style. He was considered a fashion icon of the youth in the eighties. The scope of his artistry is wide as an impeccable actor as well as a singer and stylish man. Hero-singer Zafar Iqbal is like an evergreen symbol. This heartthrob hero was the most fashionable and stylish among the heroes of that time. The scale of his popularity as a symbol of youth was heavy. His talking, walking, playing the guitar all caught the eye of people of all ages.

Freedom fighters

Zafar Iqbal took active part in the war of liberation in 1971. Just as he drove out the Pakistani aggressors with arms on the battlefield, so he enchanted the admirers with his acting, song and style magic in the shows of independent Bangladesh. Fans of the fascination that has not yet been released. Rather it has flowed to the new generation. This short-lived star had a profound effect on film lovers.

The buzz of love

Zafar Iqbal and Babita, a successful couple on screen, were rumored to be in love. They acted in about 30 films together. According to Babita, Zafar Iqbal’s house was full of pictures of him. He would not let anyone into the room. He only allowed Babita to enter the room. It is said that Zafar Iqbal fell ill due to excessive drinking due to broken love. Many people said that Zafar Iqbal sang the song ‘Sukhe Theko O Amar Nandini Hye Karo Gharani’ for Babita. Although neither Babita nor Zafar Iqbal ever spoke about love. Zafar Iqbal married Sonia out of love.

Movies starring

Zafar Iqbal’s first acting film is ‘Apanpar’. He acted in about 150 films. Notable films he has acted in are: Ordinary Girl, Etarup, Fakir Majnu Shah, Day after Day, Surya Sangram, Bedbin, Partner, Megh Bijli Badal, Dhan of Seven Kings, Blessings, Insults, A Handful of Rice, Change, CID, Light of Eyes, Housewife, Ogo Foreigner, Light of Eyes, My Friend, Stupid Heart, Brother, Boyfriend, My Love, Nawab, Resistance, Wreath, Dignity, Treaty, Attraction, Chobal, Bedbin, Miss Lanka, Order, Ogo Foreigner, CID, Waiting, Uthila, contribution, resistance, communication, ignorant heart, roar, thief’s wife, Lakshmi’s family, etc.

Memories of the last Movie

Zafar Iqbal’s last film to survive was released as ‘Lakshmi’s Family’. In this film, his lip-synching song ‘Azimpur Jaab Kise’ became very popular. Within a week of the film’s release, Zafar passed away. After his death, Zafar Iqbal did not have to look for Azimpur. Easily got there and fell asleep like forever.


Zafar Iqbal’s wife’s name is Sonia. They had two children. Loved one of the most popular heroines in the world of painting. But he was mentally disturbed not to get her in life. His family life did not get peace because of this disaster. Zafar Iqbal was emotionally broken due to the unrest. Drink alcohol, live an uncontrolled life. He later succumbed to cancer. His heart and kidneys were damaged. Popular hero Zafar Iqbal died on January 8, 1992. Zafar Iqbal, the protagonist of this life story, who passed away prematurely crying, is lying in eternal sleep in Azimpur graveyard of Dhaka.