Otithi adapts to different characters very easily


Otithi adapts to different characters very easily. In the beginning, there was an advertising model. Then she acted in different plays. Israt Jahan Otithi has recently garnered a lot of praise for her performance in the web series ‘August 14’ directed by producer Shihab Shaheen. Her full name is Israt Jahan Otithi.(Read her Biography)


Otithi is the youngest daughter of the family. Fall in fourth grade. Other members of the family have no shortage of affection for her. One day the Otithi’s older sister posted a picture of the reciting Otithi via social media. That comes to the notice of a person working in an advertising agency. He said about bringing Otithi into the world of acting. The recitation was happy in her mind thinking that the younger sister will act. She immediately said yes.
A few days later, Vim Bangladesh, directed by Amitabh Raza, got a call to act in a television commercial. Starting from that.

After that the work of acting in one advertisement and drama after another continues.
Asked about the feeling of standing in front of the camera for the first time, Otithi said, “I was scared because I didn’t have the experience to work before. Realizing this, my mother gave me courage. Then there was no problem. ‘
Asked what was the fun experience of performing, Otithi said, “I once advertised noodles. There I was seen eating noodles. I had to eat noodles a few times because the scene was not going well. I ate so much that my stomach swelled up and became a drum. The moment was painful; But when I think of it, I get a big smile. ‘

Otithi has recently worked on the popular web series ‘August 14’. She received rave reviews for her role as a sick child in the series.
When asked what you like best, Otithi says, “I like it best when my family and school friends appreciate my performance.”
Otithi’s mother Meherunnesa Moni said that besides acting, otithi is also focused on her studies. Good results. She wants to be a doctor in the future.
When asked which star do you like the most, Otithi said that she likes Pooja Cheri the most.
Otithi has acted in 14 commercials and seven plays so far.

Which is what director Shihab Shaheen said
Producer Shihab Shaheen said, ‘In a word, Otithi is a very lucky girl. She had to play the role of a sick child in the web series August 14. Although it is a bit difficult to play a child in the role of a sick person, but Otithi was able to do it perfectly. One of her qualities is that Otithi adapts to different characters very easily. If Otithi retains these qualities, I can say for sure that she will give us a great job in the future. ‘