Dhaka University an Ideal place

Dhaka University
 Dhaka University an Ideal place for love, rebellion, youth, struggle, revolution, progress, knowledge, art, and free will.

This campus of Jarul-Shimul-Krishnacura-Raktapalash is a beacon of joy for almost all the passengers on the path of progress. This institution is the lifeblood of the cultural arena of Bangladesh;

While at Dhaka University, Professor Satyen Bose directed modern Indian science, from where he corresponded with the world-renowned scientist Einstein on physics. It was here that the famous “Bose-Einstein Statistics” was published. A country called has played the role of midwife at birth.

This university has spread progressive cultural practices from soul to soul; This bullet or poetry campus has changed the map of South Asia which is one of the rarest events in the history of universities in the world as well as has bound the country to the debt of love.

The century-old university is now in a state of disrepair – instead of knowledge and progress, it is competing to write the name ‘Guinness Book’ on its head; Even at the age of one hundred years, not a single book on law, economics, accounting or international politics has been well translated into the native language – teaching in the colonial language continues.

Happy Birthday, first love of youth – Dhaka University.

Written by: Moshiur Rahman