If you keep your mouth shut you will feel guilty


If you keep your mouth shut you will feel guilty
The word ‘nepotism’ has recently come up in the Indian film world as well. Many are talking. In that series, this time the issue has come up in an article by Debelina Dutta, an Indian Bengali film actress and well-known face of television.

Devnila on Saturday highlighted how she got an unethical offer from a producer at the beginning of her performance in the daily Anandabazar.

He wrote, I was forced to hold the pen. 22 years experience in the industry. Even today, if you keep your mouth shut, you will feel guilty.

I can hear Idani saying that we have ‘favoritism’, ‘nepotism’ or nepotism in our industry. That’s a lie! People are lying outright. Not just nepotism, I have seen no less of a mafia dominance in this industry. ‘

“I went back a little early in my career,” Debelina wrote. I got the opportunity to work on my second series 22 years ago today. I was told the producer wanted to meet. Then my mother would go with me, my mother would write the script. After waiting in the producer’s office for a while, he sent word that he would talk to me alone.

He wrote, Gone. Oma! I went and saw a CCTV on his table right in front of his face! 22 years ago today! I realized that as long as we were sitting, he was watching me and my mother through CCTV. Anyway, without any hesitation like the current directors or producers, he asked me if I came to work in this industry, if I was willing to ‘compromise’! I was shocked to see that he explained to me in a more beautiful way, the understanding of the actress with the producer, without friendship there is no good work. Producers also have to give separate time, then mutual agreement will be made.

The Indian actress wrote, the producer said, she will talk about my character, dialogue all. He will even take the size of my clothes! After hearing this, I did not say a word on his face. He challenged me that I could not survive in the industry with this attitude. I heard that he used this with all the heroines. He was known as the ‘Tailor Producer’. I wrote for this reason, no one knows him today.