68th Birthday of Rajshahi University

Rajshahi University

68th Birthday of Rajshahi University. Rajshahi University has entered its 68th year on Monday after 67 years of history and tradition. Since its inception, the university has a glorious history of numerous movements including the country’s freedom struggle.

On 16 February 1969 (during the mass uprising), the then Proctor and Professor of Chemistry of the University, Dr. was martyred in the brutal torture of the Pakistani army. Syed Muhammad Shamsuzzoha. Who was the first martyred intellectual in the history of the country. There is also a ‘Martyr’s Memorial Museum’ in RU to collect relics of the liberation war.

In other years, the day is celebrated by various social, political, cultural and voluntary organizations including the university administration through various programs. The administration building of the university, all the residential halls, different points of the campus, various important buildings including the main gate of the university are decorated with colorful lighting, important roads are decorated with various alpana. However, this time there is no such arrangement. Due to Corona, the day is being celebrated in a ‘limited range’. There is no such thing as a birthday cake this time.

According to university sources, the government has banned large-scale programs due to coronavirus infection. Also, the organization of the day has been reduced due to the recent identification of coroners of university teachers, several students and staff.

RU Proctor and Acting Student Adviser Professor Lutfar Rahman, who is in charge of organizing the day’s celebrations, said corona infections are on the rise in the country. Our teachers, students and staff have been affected by Corona. That is why this time the day is being celebrated on a very limited scale.

Incidentally, from 7th July 1953, academic activities of Rajshahi University started with 156 male and five female students in seven departments. At present, the university has 56 departments under nine faculties and about 37,000 students studying under seven institutes.

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