Four Suggestions to Smoothen Your Teenage


Four Suggestions to Smoothen Your Teenage. A full spoon of sweetness along with a full spoon of bitterness – that is what we can describe our teenage in the best way. This is the time when we remain very cheerful, enthusiastic about everything, and an active person at one moment, and in the blink of an eye, we become dull, depressed, frustrated humans having no reason for being alive.

Here are a few little secrets of smoothing your rough time better.

1) Open up yourself :

You must agree with the fact that you aren’t close with everybody. Being sandwiched between the pressure of our study and other emotional issues, we often forget to spend time with our close ones.

But, this is very important to puke all kinds of confusion, negative thoughts, frustration held within you. Open up yourself to your close people let it be your parents or siblings or close friends or loved ones. Share your bottled up feelings to make you relieved.

2) Make Connection :

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.”–H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

Make connections with people not always your betterment. Sometimes, you’ll get strength by becoming somebody else’s strength. Push others. Help your friend. Make a sweet connection where you can also come up with your problem.

3) Make Yourself Busy :

It’s quite common that ill thoughts come up to our mind when we are free. So, block your free time by making yourself engaged. Read, read, and read. This is one of the best ways to enlighten someone.

It can be writing or drawing or dancing etc. Cover dance or song or recitation. Do blogging. Participate in Olympiads and other competitions. In a word, grab all opportunities found around yourself.

4) Feed others hunger :

When you feed your hunger, you’ll be hungry again. Feed others hunger, you’ll be satisfied. So, try to help others in your possible way. Be volunteer.

These aren’t enough though, you can help yourself the best. You just have to hold the rope of faith until the dark cloud moves away.

Writer: Humaira Binte Rashid

Model: Waniza Purnota Zaman & her Friends