Message to all those who are in quarantine


This message to all those who are in quarantine. Imagine the endless possibilities that await us out the window, out in the world and hold onto its last droplet because you will need it once the world has had a chance to heal and we have had a chance to rest, to slow down to take a breather and come back a lot stronger, more determined than ever before.

Let this time test our patience, give it your 100%, honestly and you will pass with flying colors, undoubtedly. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones, for lost time can never be recovered. Let this time be invigorating. Let go of expectations and make the most out of it by simmering down.

Have faith.

Everything has an end.

So, will this pandemic.

Have faith that we make it through this.

Have faith and there shall come a day when we will wake up to that familiar sound of our alarms to get run through our morning routines and rush out the door to our own destinations.

That day the sound of our alarms will seem musical.

That day the sun will shine a tad bit brighter.

That day our coffee will taste divine and we will enjoy every sip as we bask in the warmth of the sunlight, soaking up every last glimmer.

That day the ensuing hubbub of shouting and bargaining at the local marketplace will not give us a monstrous headache.

That day the honking cars and ever so competitive local buses overtaking one another will not drive us insane.

That day everything that makes us bitter with rage will appear to be a little bit smaller.

That day staying home will not feel like a punishment.

That day we will be set free.

Have faith, that day will come.

Have faith.

And when that day arrives, we should not take it for granted. We should make our days count and recline through our nights. We should burn the midnight oil when needed but promise to take a timeout to re-energize. We should take care of this World for it has given us our second chance.


Writer: Faizaa Tabassum

Model: Driti Humyra Mou