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Who does not know in this country, the job market is very challenging. When should you start preparing for a job? Many said that after the end of the study. Many people prefer to start preparations from the student life again. Their reasoning, it is to be ahead of others. This is not entirely wrong, and not completely correct. There are some advantages in preparing before the race to achieve the ‘guarantee’ of livelihood. However, finding a job or studying during a student’s time should be the reason for these-

1. Do not work for handwriting, but to work experience, work at least part time. Work will be done at the end of the study.

2. After coming to work in small or large workplaces in a student life, take a good look at how your senior colleagues are handling the office. If you learn this skill from them, then this experience will be worth the future. Remember, action means experience, and experience is the next step in the capital of life.

3. You have to learn to take responsibility. Not everyone can take responsibility in the office. Experience in this office at the time of graduation will help you to take the big post in the future.

4. Office means ‘teamwork’ Working with a team opens the way to becoming very young. It may be at the beginning of the graduation. At this time part-time job will take you along with any team in the first phase of life.

You will not get a job while you are studying in the educational institute. It is necessary to understand the preparations. It is very important to keep a study of education and contemporary world. Remember, education can not be a substitute for life. Not only in the field of employment, it should be either public or private. Besides, there is an important knowledge about IT. The current world is of information technology, so the more you know about this, the more you go forward, the job is close to the door. But if you adopt some techniques in the student life, the golden deer called the job will not be able to wait too long. The tricks are as follows:

Mark the skills points
It is important to understand yourself before any work. There is a need to prepare for job search. This is the most important thing before finding work. Identify those places that you are skilled at first. Then find a job accordingly. If you are writing hands and acquaintances and the ‘Common Sense’ is good, then the media, if you are well aware of the calculation then you can join in any financial institution. Remember, every skill of life is a quality, which will be useful in the service life.

Learning is the key
Let’s assume, you open your head in the figure. Because of this, you do not think much about the need for practice. This is a serious mistake. Because, without any practice, any skill will die. For this reason, take advantage of the student life, study. Only good acquaintance can put a good job in your student life by keeping your inefficient places behind. Most importantly, when you give a bribe to a job in student life, the recruitment authority will try to investigate the places of your studies only. Because it is your sole responsibility in student life. If the recruitment authority understands that you have not performed this responsibility properly, how will you trust in the office work?

Want to be a standard resume?
The image of a job-seeker’s appreciation is his biography. Where you can highlight yourself brightly. Well-organized but measurable details of what you have achieved in student life will make the recruitment authority interested in you. The use of words, whether in Bangla or English, in the language of the cosmos, will separate you from the rest.

Be educated activities
Student life, but not just a homework, this life is a bindhara, liberal independence. That means, besides studying, you can add yourself to any creative work. It may be social service, writing, voluntary, debate or sport. These activities will make the recruitment authority interested in you. There will be a lot of benefits from this experience.

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