Smart masks and goggles invented by Moroccan teenagers


Smart masks and goggles invented by Moroccan teenagers.Muhammad Bilal Hamuti, a teenager from Morocco, made face masks and goggles to prevent corona holidays.

Smart Mask
Smart Mask

Muhammad Bilal Hamuti, an 11-year-old small inventor, spends most of his time inventing and implementing various electric projects. “I’m very interested in electronics and robotics,” he said. My dream all the time is to invent something usable. I’m glad I was able to invent something myself. ‘

He adds, “When I learned about social distances, I started thinking about a goggle and was able to make it.” It will start ringing. ‘

Special sensors have been installed in the mask invented by Hamuti. As a result, if someone moves within one to two meters of the mask wearer, the nose and face will be covered automatically. He commented that the mask was made with those who work outside the home, especially in warm weather, in mind.

Expressing hope that Kovid-19 would spread, Kishore Hamuti said, “This is my first discovery of corona. I hope that any commercial organization will do more research and improve it. ‘

Source: Middle East Monitor