Terrible damage to children’s health due to some addiction

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Terrible damage to children’s health due to some addiction. People are now living at home, forced to maintain social distance to prevent coronavirus. That is why the internet has become the only means of communication at this time. Children are not excluded from using this internet. However, long-term exposure to children’s mobile phones, tabs, or computer screens can be fatal. At the same time, spending time on the screen for a long time is a kind of addiction. As a result, the child’s mental and physical development is hampered, experts said.

They say that since the children’s school is now closed and they can’t go out to play at this time, they are spending more time in front of the screen. However, experts say parents need to specify how much time children will spend in front of the screen. It is not healthy to spend too much time in front of the screen. During this time parents should build closer relationships with their children.

In a busy life, we can’t give children too much time. So in this leisure time, you have to spend time talking to children, telling stories, playing sports. Talking to children can create a new routine for this time. There will be children’s online video games. However, it is not an aggressive game, it has to be a children’s game and it has to be specified how long it will play. Because in 2017, the World Health Organization has identified the addiction to video games as a kind of disease.

Associate Professor at the National Institute of Mental Health. Helal Uddin Ahmed told Ittefaq that the children’s school was closed during the lockdown. At this time, children’s education is being harmed, on the other hand, the fear of corona among adults is spreading among children as well. In the meantime, if we make children addicted to tab-mobiles, they will not be able to give up this addiction even after the lockdown and the bond with the family will not be strong. All the things that children are playing on the tab or mobile are always aggressive. Which will hinder their mental development? Children must use mobile-tabs but must use them on logical issues, at certain times, under parental supervision.

Orbit International Bangladesh Country Director. Munir Ahmed said, our children are addicted to mobile-tab. And now the children’s school is closed, there is an endless time at home. At this time they are forced to play. Screen light is usually very harmful to children’s eyes. Corona will cause long-term damage to children’s eyes. He said that parents should give time to their children during this time. In addition, children should not be allowed to play on these devices for more than two to three hours in 24 hours