The Immunity of your little Jewels & Angels


The topic is the Immunity of your little Jewels & Angels. Kids are the angels of our house. As the Coronavirus affects all of us, we all are at risk of infection. But the angels, the children of our houses, are the most vulnerable. They have a weak immune system. Below are some of the ways to deal with this. Amp up the immune system of the children and bam!Hakuna Matata!


1.Changes in Lifestyle:

The parents need to ensure that the lifestyle and the diet support their child’s physique and psyche. They must be inspired in building good habits. They must be engaged in activities like playing as well. As pediatrician Amlan Kusum Dutta rightly points out,’Only putting the right foods won’t ensure a sound immunity. Most kids are missing out on ‘the Earth Connection’ as they play less outdoors. They don’t play in the dust. It is essential for their immunity. Also playing out on the sun covers the deficiency of Vitamin D in their bodies. As at the moment, these options are out of bounds in lockdown, we could look for the alternatives.


2.Enough Sleep:

Well-coordinated sleep is a must for sound immunity. Fewer sleep results in mental stress, which in turn reduces oxygen supply to the brain.10 to 14 hours of sleep are essential for children. The parents must also be wary of their wards’ screen time. Screen time means how much time their children are spending in front of the computer or such other devices. The blue light coming from these devices interferes with the normal sleep cycle and disrupts the sleeping routine of children.

Jaffna Subaita Hasan

3.Limiting Use of Antibiotics:

Antibiotics shouldn’t be given right away to children when they are simply ill or unwell. Some doctors also do the same. They scribble down the name of some antibiotics and prescribe them for children. This helps children recover quickly. But it also weakens the ability of their immunity. A body can heal itself on its own very quickly. Letting a body to heal on its own is essential. It is a proven method of enhancing immunity.


3. Say No to Food Delivery

The foods from the Food Delivery service are mostly junk. Children must not be given such foods very often. Junk foods hinder the performance of the immune system.


Instead of giving to their wishes, the children can be treated with homemade foods. Try making it as tasty and as delicious as possible. Also, give them huge amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits. This would help your kids in immunity development.As said before, the kids are the angels in our life. Make sure you follow the steps outlined above. You will have happy and healthy angels roaming about your house showering you with happiness!

Written by: Fahian Al Badar

Feature Model: Jaffna Subaita Hasan