Ethnic cultural harmony in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a land of harmony of different religion,cultural and ethical group.  The land of Bangladesh is not confined for a particular type of people rather living land of different tribal people. Among them majority of them live in Chittagong hill tracts area.These people had to struggle throughout their life but still their life is extremely fascinating.

It was identified that most of them are Buddhist but they also consist people of hindus, christans and animists.The tribal families are mostly matriarchal where women folks are more hard working than the males and they are the main productive agent.As they are extremely self reliant,they grow their own food,wave their own clothes and live a simple life.

Chakma Girl

CHAKMA TRIBES :- They are the largest ethic group among the others.According to the year 1991 the total number of them was around 239,417 and among them 150,000 live scattered in the state of Tripura,Mizaram,Assam and Cox’s Bazar district and also in some place in Mayanmar.Their language belongs to the Indo European family and has close link with Assamese and Bengali.They are mostly followers of Gautama Buddha.By nature most of them are shy and self reliant .

Marma Girl

MARMA TRIBE :- They are found mostly in hill district- Rangamati,Bandarbun,Khagrachhori,Cox’s Bazar,Patuakhali.They call themselves Rakhain.Around 350,000 marma people live throughout different areas and they are mostly Mongoloid race.By nature they are relatively short and have prominent cheekbones and are of yellowish complexion,black hair,small eyes,snub nose.They speak in Arakanese and their language is written in Burmese character. Their houses are made of bamboo,wild grass and stem.The men and women typically wear thami and ansi.

Tripura Girl

TRIPURA TRIBE :- They are mostly found throughout north-eastern corner,Cumilla,Noakhali,Sylhet.Their main language is Kokborok.Mostly they follow Hinduism,Animism,Christianity. According to a statistic among them around 92.50 are hindu.They live on slopes of hills in a group of five to fifty family.Their houses are build using bamboo and kokborrok and raised five to six feet height to save themselves from danger.


TANCHANGY TRIBE :- They are the 5th largest ethenic groups. Their population is around 31,164.They live in Rangamati,Khagrachhari,and Bandarban district,along with cox’s Bazar.Their language belongs to indo Aryan family,translated from pali and bangla.

Jum cultivation is one of their well known way of cultivation and besides they also plant trees for their livelihood. They have their unique hair style dress type and women makes bun with their hair like turban

maro Girl

MARO TRIBES :- Their population is arround 5 million and they are mostly the followers of Summi Islam.They live in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and also in Bangladesh.They have their own culture, food habit,language. The culture of these tribal groups enriched the overall culture of our country.For negligence and ignorance they are gradually loosing the traditions of these groups. It deserves government and non government initiatives to preserve their values and culture.

Written by: Taquia Labiba

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