The Simplest Meaning of Love


What is the Simplest Meaning of Love? Love is from another realm. If you cannot love, you cannot live. It is a common language of mankind. In fact, it is one of the nicest gifts to us from the Almighty.

But this word sometimes seems ambiguous to us. Sometimes it means to dote on somebody, sometimes it means to act responsibly, other times it seems like a word that never exists. Actually, the most accurate meaning of love is to act responsibly. If you perform your responsibilities, the whole world seems like an amazing place. Responsibilities make our life interesting and accomplishing them make our life meaningful.

Let’s try to get this idea from three different contexts. This discussion may arise some questions. Hopefully, the concluding part of this article would be able to answer them.

Starting with the context of a romantic couple. In one of his books, Mark Manson pointed out two aspects of a healthy relationship-

1. People in a healthy relationship will take responsibility for their own values and problems, and not take responsibility for their partner’s values and problems.
2. Each individual should have the courage to move on if any severance happens.
Doting on somebody is really unimportant. If the balance of meeting responsibilities is not maintained, then it hampers the other aspects of an individual. Moreover, we can get a clearer view of a postmarital relationship. After marriage, you have to perform as a responsible spouse and responsible parent as well. You can bind your family only if you can meet your responsibilities.

We, the teenagers do not necessarily need to express our love towards our parents through our words. Fulfilling our responsibilities expresses it. When we come to the edge of teenagers, we achieve unusual freedom. Suddenly, We start to learn how to look after our own. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this freedom. Everyone chooses their own path of life. But we must come back to our parents when they need us the most. The completion of our filial responsibilities defines our love for our parents.

The last context is a more intense one. It refers to our current condition when we are dealing with the Novel Coronavirus. The only prevention from this disease is to maintain social distance. Thus, social media has become an inevitable part of our daily life. This COVID-19 might be an issue, But everybody is facing their problems solely. Even a hedonist would feel irritated to pass this lonely time. In this context, We must try to share our thoughts with each person we know. Here prioritizing someone is unnecessary. We must believe that our words have incredible power. Even a devastated troop can be shaken to life by the words of a leader.

In the final analysis, I would bring up one of the most prominent theories of Socrates. He claimed that ‘a divine voice’ inside him used to lead him and that ‘conscience’ told him what is right and what is not. Perhaps that divine voice dwells in everyone’s heart. A recidivist would never be happy about his committed crimes. His conscience must talk to him otherwise. If we can follow our conscience we can do the right thing.

If you are still searching for the simplest meaning of love, I suggest, don’t. Just act responsibly. For meeting those responsibilities makes your life a meaningful one.

Tahmid Wasit
Class 12.