The skills that will be more useful for jobs after the epidemic


The Question is what is the skills that will be more useful for jobs after the epidemic? The corona virus epidemic is going on all over the world. Experts predict an unprecedented economic downturn, which will cause millions of people to lose their jobs and wages to fall.

Governments of different countries have announced financial packages to corona’s losses.The Corona epidemic has pushed every field to the brink of destruction. Several skills could play a leading role in the aftermath of the epidemic in job survival. Which will help sustain the career.

Let’s learn about some of these skills.

Leadership skills:

When a ship is in trouble, only a competent captain can carry it across the sea. Just like in this crisis, people with strong leadership qualities can lead a team to success. So people with strong leadership skills who can lead the team, bring out the highest work from peers and encourage them will increase their appreciation. They will be able to lift even in times of career crisis.

Emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is a quality that helps a person to better understand the emotions of others and to express or control his emotions better. All the best leaders have this quality. They are sympathetic and can easily predict the mental health of an employee. In the time we are in today, employees with emotional intelligence have better prospects.

Technology skills:

One of the skills that can help workers the most in the aftermath of a coronavirus epidemic is knowledge of technology. The epidemic has brought huge digital changes. Employees are working from home, meeting online. Social media has become essential for establishing professional connections.

According to experts, artificial intelligence, Internet-controlled operations, robotics, etc. will be more widespread in the future. Therefore it is important to acquire as much technical skills as possible at this time.

Adapt to change:

The Corona epidemic has brought many changes in our lives and many changes will come in our lives even after the end of the epidemic. How the office will work, how we will work, etc. will change. It would be wiser to be able to adapt to those changes.

Written by: Nafisa Tabassum Juena

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