Computer Genius – Roopkotha


Computer Genius – Roopkotha.The age when babies surprise their parents by uttering words, a wonder boy was all set to amaze the world by his extraordinary computer skills. Wasik Farhan Roopkotha, the only child of Cynthia Farhan and Imdadul Hoque was acknowledged as the youngest programmer in the world back in 2012 at the age of six.

Roopkotha began to show his interest on computer right from the age of 7 months. His parents were shocked by this gesture and could figure out the boy had got some god gifted talent in this sector. By the age of one,Roopkotha learnt typing on Microsoft word and within next year he learned how to play games with emulators all by himself.

Within four years of age,this young computer freak managed to play and master complicated games and also learnt how to install them. Roopkotha gained expertise on many programming languages and also attained fair knowledge on diificult programming languages like C++.


This wonder boy was featured as the youngest programmer by many popular local and international media at the age of six. Famous channels like BBC covered his story and he was given titles like young IT expert,whizz kid and so on. He was also featured in the national curriculum book of 9-10 for his huge achievement in such a small age.

Presently, Roopkotha is the founder of his own studio named as “Roopkotha’s Studio” where he develops games . He has developed over 30 games of his own. Last year he developed a game called Tech Giant which was approved by Google and is also uploaded in Google play store. The game was about saving the earth from alien attacks and asteroid. He is presently working on developing another space game. He also works for another organization called “Battery low Interactive”

This wonder kid dreams of having his own IT firm one day . His parents believe support from the sector and funding can help him flourish his talent to great extents.

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