Shreyasi’s Remarkable Social Work

Shreyasi in her organisation

We are talking about Shreyasi’s Remarkable Social Work. Shreya was Born in Nilphamari, Shreyasi Hazra has been quietly doing a lot to help the poor people in her community for the last four years. It is high time we gave her the recognition she deserves for her outstanding work.

Raised by a single mother, Shreyasi is now only eighteen. Upon graduating from Nilphamari Government Girls’ School in 2016, she decided to invest all her time and energy into tirelessly working to make everyone’s life easier in Domar, Nilphamari. She, being the strong-willed and kind-hearted person she is, does everything in her power to help the people in her community.

Shreyasi handing a blanket to a woman in Domar, Nilphamari.
Shreyasi handing a blanket to a woman in Domar, Nilphamari.

Shreyasi started her journey alone by walking from door to door to collect donations from everyone. In every winter, she buys warm clothes and distributes those to the villagers, who would otherwise suffer from cold.

In early 2016, she established the “Maa Welfare Organisation” all by herself. It is not only an organisation that helps people with money and food, but is also a shelter for the homeless people.

As has been stated earlier, Shreyasi does all her social work quietly and refrains from advertising herself. Therefore. we believe that it is high time we put the spot light on youngsters like Shreyasi and not just on celebrities.

This is the story of a young girl.





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