Tahmina Kotha- An Inspiration


Tahmina Kotha- An Inspiration, the story of a girls.In Dhaka city’s rabindra sharabar, a girl was selling something in black packets. Even though she was mistaken for a child, she’s not even that young. She was a young lady. No one will think of her as a street seller on the first glance. Because she was wearing a blue shirt with jeans and converse on her legs. She was wearing headphones.

Tahmina Kotha

What more do you need! This is her elite personality! On approaching nearer, it was seen that she had a bag on her back and a basket hung up from her neck from which she was selling nuts in little packets. But the buyers were hesitant to think of her as a ‘seller’. Everyone is surprised! When i went near and asked her questions, she informed her name was Tahmina Rahman. 23 years old. Family and friends call her “Kotha”.

She’s a student of management department in lalmatia women’s college. She was born in Saturia upazila in Manikganj. Now resisiding in Dhanmondi. Father Habibur Rahman, works in Saturia hospital; her mother used to work in the same hospital. But after her mother died in 2008, her father became lonely, moreover his daughter had to move to Dhaka for persuing her studies. After finishing high school (HSC) , she was offered to study in Malaysia.

After that even though her whole family wanted to settle in Malaysia, she didn’t want to go. She wants to do something in her own country. She had a wish to make people accept any kind of clothes people wear since her birth. But she was not getting any confidence at first. But later she was inspired by a handsome seller Tajul Islam Likhon’s ‘dream van’.

Tahmina Kotha

Even though she was a girl from a aristocratic family, she got inspired by Likhon and started selling nuts in the city’s ‘rajpoth’. Now smart Kotha is selling nuts in different places of Dhanmondi. She buys nuts from saturia in the price of 80 tk to 90 tk per kg. She takes them home and sorts them out. Then she puts them in aesthetic looking black packets and sells them to buyers.

Doing this, in a few hours she earns 200 to 250 taka and goes home. She wants to prove the world that no work is less important so that people respect every work no matter what it is. She also informed that she used to work in a reknowned call centre. She left that job and started selling nuts. She loves independent life. Every work is mighty. Work is always work. She said she did not find any difference in working in a travel agency and selling nuts.

These type of thinking changes people’s minds. That’s why she thinks people should work hard in every jobs instead of being sad. She also said, some people aim to be doctors or engineers. But not everyone’s dream come true. They get frustrated. They choose the bad path by becoming thieves and robbers. But those who are happy with any kind of jobs are successful. She didn’t like the job at travel agency. She didn’t like to be time bound. But she’s loving the job of selling nuts as it has some independence. After finishing her classes at lalmatia women’s college, she goes home and she sells nuts when her friends hang out.

I asked her whether she’s having any difficulty selling nuts. In reply, she said most people don’t want to believe she’s a nut seller. Some people end up asking whether she is here to ask for help for someone. Then she tells them that she is here to help herself and she wants to do something. She also said that it doesn’t matter how much she earns selling nuts. She wants to tell every boys and girls that they should do something for the country instead of spending time lazily at home!

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