Rudro Moon

Rudro Moon
Shah PoranRudro Moon

There are so many talented and adorable child artists in the Bangladesh industry. Rudro Moon is one of them. He is one of a prominent child artist who works regularly as a model, actor, dancer.

Birth, Education, and Family:

Rudro Moon was born on 18th July 2010, Wednesday, at Dhaka. His father- Mehedi Hasan is a businessman and mother – Mony Naznin is a Poet. Rudro is the younger child of his parents. His sister – Tabassum Tajria Nice is also a teenager artist at Bangladesh media.

Rudro Moon is studying at Bacha English Medium School, in standard – five. Besides, ‘Rudro is a Bangladeshi model & television actor’. Rudro learns dancing, singing at ‘Potho-Joddha’ theatre.

Rudro is also a member of ‘Shoho Jatri Khelaghor Ashor’

Hobby and Interest:

Rudro has a lot of interest in many things. His hobbies are – cycling, acting, and reading storybooks.

How Rudro started as a Model:

Rudro Moon came to this media industry at an early age. His first work started in 2015 by a ‘Moncho Natok at Khelaghor’ The Rudro joined at “Lions Club – A platform where the capability of his Extra-Curriculum & Talents began”.

He became a regular competitor of ‘Acting, Fashion show, dancing, etc. ‘By these, he achieves – Medals and Special Awards every year’ Besides he had done a lot of TVC, OVC, Dharabahik natoks – ‘Tirigiri Tokka’ at Duronto Channel, ‘Oporajita’ at Dipto Tv, more, etc, Cinema- ‘Akash Mahal’, ‘Chirontoni Mujib’, ‘Orjon Akattor’, more, etc, Music video, Short films, Ramp shows, Photoshoots, Dubbing, etc.

Rudro now became a regular participant member at ‘ATN Bangla’.(Started from Jokes Show) Rudro is also known to have acted in various Television Commercials. His dream is to be an Actor and of Bangladesh and he is trying his best for that.

Short Biography:

Name :- Shah Poran Rudro Moon
Father:- Mehedi Hasan
Mother:- Mony Naznin
Date of Birth:- 18th July 2010
Height:- 4.2ft
Weight:- 30kg
Address:- 155/B South Pirerbhag, Mirpur, Dhaka.
Career start:- 2015
Works:- To see visit Rudro Moon’s id link