Lifestyle & daily food choices are the true savior


Lifestyle & daily food choices are true saviors. Unlike the Costco stores across the USA & Canada, if wearing masks in public was an obligation, won’t you wear one? Ok, need not to go so far, several volunteer organizations in our country are donating aid to the needy people, keeping the volunteers’ health security at stake. Will you be able to do the same? If not then why? If creating good examples takes you so much of guts how come you spread negativity so fast?

Our society is awfully pretentious. We often acknowledge and follow a certain thing that we don’t even know whether it is legit or not. We are just so avid to copy others that we don’t feel it necessary to check it’s validity. Like, if news spread that “Balding your head can save you from corona”, people will blindly follow it and propagate it relentlessly. It doesn’t matter how stupid the news may sound, people are gonna love doing that as everyone’s doing it. People will do it until the trend is finally over and no one around is busy with the foolishness. Over time, we have been reduced to all kinds of levels of stupidity and it’s proved.

Wearing masks & mandatory needles have harmful effects on healthy people and also considered as lethal. In fact, the needles have ignorantly caused countless deaths around the world. We may invest so much of ourselves to propagate this awareness, still, some people will remain self-righteous on their perspective. The most ridiculous part of this is that these are the people who’ll spread the rumors.

Lifestyle & daily food choices are true saviors. Do we even know how damaging wearing a mask can turn out for you? We breathe out carbon dioxide which is a waste product and needs to be expelled. But wearing a mask inhibits the process. Breathing in excessive carbon dioxide is dangerous for the body. Some people with preexisting respiratory illnesses may face health issues only with prolonged use of tight-fitting masks, such as respirators. Wearing a mask restricts natural airflow and undermines oxygen intake & surely doesn’t protect you from viruses. The only way we will be benefited by a musk would be only if a corona-positive patient wears it. As it is who needs to be safe from them not they.

If you want, you may research further regarding germ theory vs terrain theory & the very basis for their stories, pharmaceuticals, harmful rules/regulations. Look into the works of Dr.Andrew Kaufman, Dr.Robert Young, or Dr. Stefan Lanka & countless others. They all have discerned that lifestyle & daily food choices are true saviors for which, lockdown seems a bit deceitful with respect to them. Lifestyle & daily food choices are true saviors.

Only a mask or a needle can’t save you. Rather your overall lifestyle & daily food choices are the things you need to take care of. Yet some of us are reluctant to adopt new food choices and give up the old ones. It is a fallacious and insidious way of handling a virus that is obliterating our world. If we think our elected officials, scientists & storytellers will be our saviors with us giving no effort, we are living a lie. It has to be a collective effort accumulated by innumerable individual endeavors by all of us.

Life is not the same as we looked upon it a few months back. The concerned authority will lift the lockdown for a short period of time, only to lock everyone down again. It will be too obvious if the authority declares that a second or third wave has hit and if it does, it’ll only be the repercussions of our imprudence that we are showing now.

Lifestyle & daily food choices are true saviors. We are being strung along, as they rob us blind. If you don’t believe me, I apologize for being outspoken and pessimistic. It’s just we the people who hold the power to make the decisions through our actions & consent. Our authorities are working for us (or maybe they did once upon a time) but now it is us who’ll decide when it’s enough of something. Yet all I see surrounding me is an ignorant populace who’ll accept anything unknowingly and propagate it right away.


Written by: Mariah Mazza
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