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Sitting at home (or lying down, standing up) is the end of all challenging games on social media. Starting from Dalgona tired to hear the name of coffee or jilapi anymore? The tingling sound of group chat reaches the ears and now it feels annoying.

Nothing looks good! Meanwhile lemme suggest a movie that makes you feel good.Marathi language pictures, naal.one of the most amazing creation.And obviously something worthy to gain. Producer Nagraj Manjul has bebt 3 crores to make the film and amazingly 40 crores has come back. At the 7th National Film Awards in 2019, the film was handed over to director Shudhakar Reddy, ‘Best First Film of a Director; Trophy.

This movie will make you laugh, cry. And at the end of the movie, a silent wide smile of relief and serenity will stick in one corner of your mind, which we do always ask for an appropriate peace of mind. Without it, summer can be boring from home. This movie will take you away from a pure village far away. Where you can realize the ultimate peace of mind, a refreshment and a huge way of feels that will soak all your hazy tiredness of having a life which is boring and painful.

In the village where the 7-year-old boy lives, Chaita. He wakes up and leaves the chickens, runs around the village, listens to stories from his grandmother, sits like a chicken with his ears regularly outside the school classroom, and when he returns home with pain in his legs, his mother massages him with oil at night. Having such care and love from mom absolutely worth’s the pain of the entire day rush.

Divya sleeps close to her mother’s lap. One day the rhythm of this life happens. Chaita knows that this mother is not his real mother. Then Chaita suspects that this mother does not love him. Thunder begins in the child’s mind. This is how the story exists.And from here the story begins. Malayalam Ottal means trap. Director Jayaraj wrote the story ‘Bunka’ of Russian writer Anton Chekhov with a camera. In 2014, the film bagged all the awards in the main category of the Kerala International Film Festival, rewriting the 18-year history of the festival.

In addition to two national film awards, the film also brought home ‘Crystal Bear’ from Berlin. This story absolutely got a pried for it’s own along with the story maker. The main character of this film is also 6 year old Kuttapai. He has no parents. Jailor Dadu Valiyappachai is his father, his mother (this actor is actually a prisoner, the director auditioned for hundreds of actors and finally visited Jailpara to find him for this role).

This grandfather and grandson got on the boat and chased away the ducks. Kuttapai gives all his food to an unnamed dog and tells Grandpa that he wants to go to school. Wants to learn addition and subtraction. Poverty Grandpa puts his hand on his grandson’s back and sighs in the dark of the evening, saying that the sum of their lives, which is also ‘sum’, is zero. Will they be able to get out of this trap of life?

The name of the third film, Mere Pierre Prime Minister. No, this is not a political film. Like the previous two films, the story of this movie is written on around the 6-year-old boy Kannu. It is the only Asian film to be screened and applauded at the Rome Film Festival.An another amazing creation that pushed everyone, won every heart. Kannu’s slum in Gandhinagar has a fridge, dish-TV, but no toilet.

How will it be? This slum is not in the government register. Officially, therefore, thousands of people in this slum are non-existent. The authorities made it clear that there is no question of building a toilet here. In the dark of the night, Kannu’s mother was raped on her way back after defecation. To protect his mother, the son left for Delhi with a letter written to the Prime Minister to build a toilet without telling anyone.

It bears an unexpected story where the issue is about an expected struggle In Lockdown you can see three pictures of these three languages ​​with your family, children. I promise, time will not be wasted. Moreover, it will worth your time, when you will realize the story.

Translated by: Nafisa Tabassum Juena


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