‘HERALD’ – short story


‘HERALD’ – short story.The morning light came through the window and touched my face. I felt warm and comfortable. After few seconds the view of the seashore was vivid in front of my eyes. I looked at the clock on the table beside the window. It was 8am in morning. I looked through the window, every time a wave hit on the shore it took away some tiny turtles into the deep ocean. It seems very interesting how those tiny little turtles will grow up in the unfathomable ocean and come back to the same exact place to lay their eggs even though they lived only few minutes on this sands after coming out of their eggshells.

Some kids were there, playing on the beach. They were helping the turtles so that they could reach the sea before any hawk finds it’s breakfast. The whirling wind from the sea came through the window and blew my hair over my forehead. It was like the sea sent a herald asking for me to visit her. All of a sudden a loud voice was calling my name. Everything in front of me started to shrink and vanished into a dot. My mom was shouting my name to wake me up. “It’s Saturday mom! Why did you open the window so early. Oh gosh! Why It’s so bright!”, I said rubbing my eyes. “ It’s 11 o’ clock”, said my mom. I tried to look through the window. All I could see was a bunch of tourists and plastic wastes.

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