Coronavirus and Human Life  


Covid-19 is a word of misery and fear of the present time. The number of deaths due to the Covid-19 or Coronavirus has already exceeded two lakhs fifty-five thousand worldwide. The number of victims is near 37 lakhs and the number of recovered cases is 1224480 on 05th May 2020. According to the data of Bangladesh, till May 06, 2020, the total number of infected people is 11719, 1403 have recovered and the number of deaths is 186.

Coronavirus disease has disrupted normal life. The government is instructing people to stay indoors. The most important examination of student life, higher secondary, has also been postponed.  The law enforcement and the armed forces are strictly controlling the movement of people except for the emergency services.

Millions of people are coming forward after the Prime Minister announced a special stimulus package worth around 1,00,000 crore taka. Many solvent people are feeding the mouths of thousands of disadvantaged and unemployed people.

Cons of the pandemic:

However, the line of thought has fallen on the families of those farmers who are our food suppliers. Many farmers are worried that people may fail to buy food grains if the current financial crisis reaches its peak. However, it is possible to overcome this anxiety with a little bit of planning. Our country’s population and food demand are the same as before, now many farms and farmers are suffering due to traffic unavailability.

Many farmers and ranchers will get rid of this worry only if they can arrange this transport. Many companies in the country do business with food products. If they come together in these difficult times and go to the villages and take the responsibility of delivering the products of those farms and farmers to different parts of the country, the people will not suffer from food shortages and the farmers will not have to worry about the next harvest.

At present, farmers, workers, day laborers are all in danger from their own side. Most of the work in the corporate sector is also done online. It goes without saying that students have somehow stopped studying, although the government has made arrangements for teaching through television, but to a limited extent. Many employees in the country are likely to lose their jobs.

Besides these, many small and medium enterprises have stopped their activities for which they are suffering a great loss. Due to this general holiday and strict laws, many large industries also had to stop their production. For this reason, the business sector is suffering from great loss. For dealing with the situation and to save the economy of our country the government is taking initiatives to start the business and industries slowly in the season of huge business maintaining physical distancing.

Pros of the pandemic:

In the midst of so many evils, Corona has emerged as a blessing to some of us. Our environment has become much cleaner than before. There are fewer piles of rubbish on the roads than before. People are realizing that it is possible to do a lot of work online without going out. People also know how to complete an emergency meeting sitting at home using various cloud meeting applications. This pandemic also taught us strictly to maintain proper health rules. By maintaining hygiene factors, we can prevent many diseases.  People will develop stronger immunity by which we can fight against any pandemic.

Problems that have the possibility to be solved in the aftermath of this pandemic:

I believe that when the coronavirus leaves our country, many more problems would be solved along with it. One of which is the traffic congestion problem in Dhaka city. Even if it does not disappear, it will be greatly reduced. People will be aware of cleanliness. They will learn how to control the dust too. Homes, as well as roads, will be disinfected from time to time. As a result, many viral and bacterial diseases will be less prevalent.

People will get used to being at home. Then no one will go out unnecessarily. At this time, many people will spend their lazy time at home and do roof gardening so that this hot city will be able to make up for the lack of oxygen and the air will be clean and cool. People are also taking part in various online educational platforms for which the level of knowledge of people is also improving. If everyone continues to work on these few issues after the Corona pandemic, we will be able to solve thousands of problems ourselves.

If we follow some small rules in the aftermath of this epidemic, then the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, will be able to delete its name from the list of the most polluted cities in the world and take its place in the list of the most environment-friendly cities of the world.

To do this we need to do the following:

  • At least one tree from each family of that house should be planted on the roof of the buildings or apartments.
  • Use public transport as much as possible to reduce the number of harmful gases emitted from vehicles.
  • Refrain from littering everywhere.
  • Performing all the work that can be done online will reduce traffic congestion.
  • It is necessary to form an area-based committee and make arrangements to spray disinfectant spray regularly.
  • In many areas, various development works were underway. Those remain half-done due to the Corona disaster. The appropriate authorities have to pay special attention to complete them properly
  • Now that no one is going out, all the concerned authorities should clean the sewers in Dhaka so that they function properly.

What’s the harm in tying the knot in hope? Don’t worry about whether everyone else will do it or not. If we begin to take on some responsibility for ourselves on earth. Believe me, as soon as we start, all the people of the whole country will be involved in this work. Through this, everyone will be able to unite. Former mayor, Anisul Haque, used to say, “If people unite, the world can change”.  Why not think about that dear person and do this for our own healthy future?

Writer: Sneha Salam

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