Crazy times for teenagers that are tough to deal


Teenage is such a golden as well as age of difficulties or we can say the age of collapse. Crazy times for teenagers that are tough to deal with. They usually are moody, lazy, selfish, mean. And this crazy behavioral changes in this age we call hormonal time bombs. These must be handled more technically and patiently. Every time if we keep poking them for such behaviors then it might turn to negative actions.

Actually these behavioral changes are too normal but hard to deal with both for them and other members. Still family, elders, peers, need to be more affectionate, supportive, and patient. And obviously, for handling these crazy bombs a healthy relationship between parents and teenagers matters a lot. Teenage is such a stage of teens’ life where they are fond and stubborn for every wrong thing and logically family keeps restricting them thus there keeps a huge gap of mind. So the clash begins. Netflix 2020 Series: Never Have I Ever (Trailer Song)

But family should have to be easy and make them calm and understand what is right and what is not. Because that everything they find colorful is of no means to be good always. And actually this thinking is also up to them due to psychological impacts on this age. We do find them so uncautious and messy regarding their works like not being tidy, leaving clothes in the bathroom, in studies, the mess in the living room, being irritated, losing things, misunderstand elders. These things are not about one or a few children but every teenager.

Because, Teenagers can get frustrated with situations and themselves, as a lot of things aren’t fitting together in their brains. The risk-taking behavior and impulsivity they exhibit because they don’t have full access to their frontal lobes that can cause mood swings and fuel conflict and anger. But elders shouldn’t have lost their temper but condoning teen’s erratic behavior, the hope is that by understanding what is going on their child’s head. In such issues, I must say, parents, should try to stay close to their teenagers even if they seem to push you away. Teenagers

This is the time when mental illness can come on. Parents must be cautious regarding their teens and also to ensure that they just being surely, or is their another explanation. Teens are the age of self-discovery and novelty-seeking behavior, and it’s just natural that they will start to cut off ties. They need to become independent. But it’s a matter of shame, we made the world complex for them. Because of this, parents need to be vigilant and stay connected with them. They do also act weirdly like in choosing outfits and kinds of stuff.

It could be an example of their lack of executive function along with risky, impulsive behavior they’re not planning ahead. Besides they have a very common issue including sleeping. They never go to bed and get up on time. But this is absolutely a biological basis. From puberty to the end of teens, the circadian clock is actually programming them to go to sleep and wake up around 3-4 hours late then adults. We all know how important sleep is for the consolidation of memory and learning. It’s all about strengthening synapses, a process which is chemically impaired in a sleep-deprived brain, this could be a reason for the fights too – everyone knows that sleep deprivation makes us emotionally impulsive.

One of the riskiest sides, we gonna discuss is about teenagers engaging in drinking or dabbling with drugs. That’s the same quantity of drugs and alcohol has a much stronger effect than it does in adults. They can become the reason of brain damage. Studies show that if they smoke pot on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time in their teen years their verbal IQ drops. Along sides, mostly “Technology ” is no way less in deriving teens. They are wasting a vast time on these. The teenage brain is hungry for stimulation.

But there is an unprecedented amount of it in today’s world., maybe more than ever. Studies have shown that while teenagers are better at learning to multi-task than adults, distractions from smartphones, video games, and other devices can still impair learning, so they should switch them off completely when they’re trying to study. At final, what we can say about teenagers’ mental health care should be taken mostly.

Consistent social problems, such as depression, that’s beginning to emerge. That’s why, when kids seem to be socially isolated or gain or lose weight or stop taking care of themselves, parents need to be aware of it. And of course, parents need to be free and stay connected with their teenagers.

Written by: Nafisa Tabassum Juena

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