Working mothers are in danger in Corona time


Working mothers are in danger in Corona time. The coronavirus has spread around the world in such a way that no one is safe in their own home today. Infections are increasing day by day in many ways. Among them, all the women who are working together, and the mother of the child are at great risk. Not only risk but also panic all the time.

The man who wants the overall welfare of the child and the family is going to work at risk on a risky day to keep the family well. As a result, working mothers have to be approached all the time. Hundreds of people have to come in contact with her since she left for the office in the morning. She does not even know which person is coming in front of, behind, or passing by her as a carrier of the virus and is unknowingly taking part of the virus into the house and putting the children and others in the house at risk.

A female artist was singing at a recent event when a picture of her three- or four-year-old daughter hugging her went viral on social media. This picture is of a working mother. A few days ago, another picture showed a woman bank officer in India sitting on a chair-table in the office, working on the back floor with her baby child suffering from a small fever lying on a milk bottle. This is also a picture of a working mother.

The role of the father in raising children is limited to earning money and sometimes explaining reading. Mother has to handle everything equally. But if the mother is a worker, then the problem does not end. Also, a large part of working women are forced to stay in the workplace to raise a child as a single mother. Is. This has become even more frightening these days in Corona. Although the school is closed so there is no issue of sending the child to and from school, but he himself is leaving the child and going to the office in a kind of uncertainty. Returning again with fear and apprehension. On the other hand, as there are online classes in the schools, the working mother is not able to give time to the child to supervise them and as a result, the child’s education is being hampered.

Pushing the crowds in the city of Jam, huddled in the bus without getting a seat, going to the office every day, and returning home at the end of the day with endless misery is her daily routine. The safety of the child is more important to the mother than herself.

Women’s talent and hard work are still rarely valued in our workplaces. In addition, working mothers often have to listen to harsh words and comments from their superiors and male colleagues when they are on leave due to their child’s illness. In this risky condition of coronavirus, a man can stay alone in the office all day if he wants to, but a working woman who is someone’s mother, someone’s wife cannot be alone in any way.

This society has single-handedly placed the responsibility of husband and child on her shoulders. The mother’s affection for her child is incomparable. She can’t push the child away even in such a catastrophe if she wants to, so for working mothers, coronation has become the equivalent of a poisonous cut that is hurting her again and again. Maternity leave says that the issue is ongoing. In the same way, working mothers should have taken emergency leave, in the same way, considering the child.

A woman who enters her career after listening to various things of the society after finishing her university studies with the dream of standing on her own feet also has to sit on the pedestal of marriage for various reasons. After that, as he struggles with his new family and job, he may not hear the news of the arrival of his unborn child for years. As soon as the lime falls from the drink, all the blame falls on the woman. In the case of the child’s illness, the poor result of the test, as if there is no fault of the father, all the fault lies with the working woman.

Many working women who have no one in the family to look after their children are being forced to give up work for their children. And those who are working hard and raising children are struggling to cope with the two together. It has become even more frightening during this time of the Coronavirus. Working mothers are unable to quit their jobs and are unable to hold on properly. Both she and her child are at risk.

Originally Written by: zazafee

Translated by: Teenagers
4 June 2020

Model: Bornomala and her mother