The way how teens can maintain fitness at home


Any type of regular, physical activity can improve their fitness and health. So the most important thing is that they keep moving. Exercise should be a regular part of their day like:eating, sleeping etc. Staying at home teens can maintain their fitness. For this, every time they don’t need to go for gym or outside. Even keeping ownselves physically fit and active ain’t no longer enough.But also have to be fit and active mentally.

The most important fact to be mentally fit is to stay always positive and in fun.Need to refresh and cheer mind. Because a good mental attitude is important. They need to find an activity where they find fun. They are more likely to keep with it if they choose something they like. In orderly of physical fitness, they must ensure to get their heart pumping.

In that case, whatever they choose, they need to ensure that makes their breathe harder and increases heart rate.And this is the best type of exercise because it increases their fitness level and also make their heart and lung work better. Also burns off body fat.Staying at home, such exercise could be push-upps,jump rope,stair stepping,dancing,cleanings, plank and also yoga for both physical and mental peace.

Side by side,should also be cautious regarding healthy eating to maintain a healthy life style. That is they need to eat 3 healthy meals a day including atleast 4 servings of fruits,4 servings of dairy products, 5 servings of vegetables. Also make sure to drink plenty of water also fluids before,during and after any exercise. As it will help replace what they loose when they sweat.

And must have to give up on drinking soft drinks,and eating junk or fast foods. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Nowadays we observe that teens are way much engaged in bad and risky habits like smoking and drinking. They themselves must have to be cautious in these circumstances. For having a healthy, fit and active life ;their goal should be to do some of exercises everyday. And must have to keep in mind that they need to do the activities as often as possible but not to the point of pain.

Written by: Nafisa Tabassum Juena


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