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Armaan Verma


Armaan Verma is a Hindi film and child television actor known for his role in the Anubhav Sinha-directed science fiction superhero movie, “Ra.One.” Verma is also known to have acted in various television commercials. Verma, the child actor, is a Mumbaikar and pursues his education at the Billabong High International School in Santacruz, Mumbai.

Verma had said in an interview that he discovered his passion for drama and acting while appearing in various television commercials. Verma’s mother was suggested to take him to the casting director, Shanoo Sharma, for the auditions of Ra.One.

Consequently, Verma nailed the audition and pocketed the role of Shahrukh Khan’s son, Prateek, in the movie. The film also featured Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal among many others, whereas the actor, Rajinikanth was seen in a cameo role. The movie was produced by SRK’s production house, Red Chillies Entertainment


Birth: 23-03-1999

15 best health tips for good health!


Everyone wants their own well-organized and operational body. The fulfillment of these expectations is not easy task. Because of this, you should follow some health tips to keep your health healthy. Find out the best 15 health tips for good health.

1. Never forget to cook breakfast. There is no substitute for breakfast in the morning to achieve the power of working. You can take toast, fruit, vegetables, cheese or milk as breakfast.

2. Eat to eat vegetables and fruits without feeding on the rice-cooked rice. These foods are packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals and respirators. Every day two cups of fruits and two and a half cups of vegetables should be eaten.

3. It is important to take precise protein for health. Therefore, take the Protein containing Protein-rich foods such as meat, fat milk, fruits etc.

4. If working hard, the body weight is OK, high blood pressure decreases. Exercise or other physical activity should be done for two hours and one hour and a half hour in the day of children and teenagers.

5. Healthy food should be taken out of food every meal. Get the food that contains lots of protein, carbohydrates, apples, nuts, and butter foods.

6. Be aware of the quality of the food. Take low-fat food by eliminating excess fat foods. Get more calorie foods.

7. Consult experts with the intention to reduce weight or to know any other information for physical fitness.

8. Be careful about taking the food. Be careful about cooking food properly, keeping hands clean, etc. It is very useful to be aware of these issues to protect food poisoning.

Style of Men become unrivaled in 24 easy ways


Style of Men become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways.Many people think that you have to take a massive initiative to become a stylist man. It will be fashion oriented with Italy’s latest fashion awareness, the latest fashion of New York. But in reality these problems are not needed.
According to a report, Business Insider, in consultation with some fashion designers Billy Reid, John Vervatos and Joe Tearini, said in a report. Use 24 easy ways in this writing. Become fashion conscious.
1. Push your tie if necessary
Many times the tie may be lent style. But the matter is not so easy. For this, you can open two buttons on the shirt. But other buttons can not be opened.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

2. Shoe shiny
Many people do not give much importance to this issue. But in reality this issue plays an important role in your style. Shiny shoes will give you the idea of ​​being different and distinct from many people.
3. Match your access
Although it seems common to many, it has its importance in reality. Many people forget to keep the belt match with the shoe.
4. Simple design belt
Designer Billy Reid Belt feels easy and necessary. Simple design belt is more effective for fashion than an additional design belt.
5. Change the main theme
Look at your wadrow. Dress in different designs. Continue from White Oxford Design to Denim Shirts.
6. Wear a t-shirt
Many used to wear t-shirts in winter wear. But do not wear T-shirts in outer attire. But that trend was practiced in the 1950s. Now you can style it just after the shirt.
7. Change the belt
In men’s style, laziness is a major obstacle. Get rid of the laziness and change your belts.
8. Socks are important issues
There is no need to mix socks with shoe. But there is a need to look at a simpler issue than that. Choose a common color for your appearance. Then choose your tie, shirt and blazer and socks color according to the color.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

9. Wear tie
Many people do not want to wear ti when you need to go to any ceremony. This is considered to be the only office issue. But it is possible to wear tie in case of casual look. And for this, you need to learn to tie your nails properly.
10. Dress cloth color
In case of casual clothing, there is no restriction on wearing appropriate color clothing.
11. Fix the caller
Shirt shuffle makes the bar of the fashion a lot of time. For this reason, you can place the collar inside the corner of the corner. It is found at a small price.

Style of Men: Become Unrivaled in 24 Easy Ways

12. Carry handkerchief
It is useful to remove the garbage in the garbage, it is useful to protect the garment from sweating in summer, even if it does not work in fashion. With your help you can protect your clothes.
13. Make Dorjee a Friend
With the tailor that you sew the clothes, make him a friend. If they try, you can fix your fit clothing.
14. Choose advanced fabrics
It is also important to choose good clothes as well as to choose the best clothes. Fashion is not possible with good sewing without quality and durable clothes.
15. You can wear boots
You can see a little stylish boot as well as a normal shoe. This will bring innovation in your home country.
16. Try some fashionable fashion
Every year there is no new topic. There is no such thing that everything to follow. But if you wear one of the things in fashion, it will attract the attraction.
17. Get color this year
There is no need to opt for design from the traditional fashion or the Milan man’s show on Twitter. But every year, designers have a target on a particular color. Follow that color.
18. Invest in leather jackets
Adjusted almost all clothing with a well-fitted leather jacket. That’s why a leather jacket can be used this winter.
19. Match the clothes with your body
Determine the size of a dress that fits your body. It could be a brand specific sizes. If necessary, then collect clothing according to the size.
20. Watch
In the past, when there was no mobile phone, the clock was an aspect of human style. But still the time has not gone. There is a mobile phone but not a watch. That is why the matching watch is now back in the form of your style.
21. Keep the real context
In reality, use the appropriate form accordingly. It may contain tie bars. Use it, to keep the tie right. Clock can be kept in view of time.
22. Wear denim next year
To look for suitable denim, check out the color of this year’s denim and conventional denim in the previous year. Then try to guess what will be next year’s denim.
23. Hat
Hat or caps, their applications have not yet faded. You can wear them if needed.
24 Always wear comfortable clothing
Relaxing clothes are a big deal. Choose clothes according to your comfort and sew it as it is. Otherwise the whole thing may be confusing.

Feature Model: Mehedi Hasan Ashik

Sheikh Mujib: Becoming the Father of the Nation

Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not only a unique political leader with extraordinary charisma. He was the creator of history. He Was a major artisan and architect of history writing. Bangabandhu was the hero of history. History has made him the founder of history’s history. It is true that in the final judgment, the creator of history is the people But the person’s role is not denied by history. According to the needs of history, the person can wake the people and reflect the public speech of the awakened people – he becomes the ‘hero of history’.

Through a gradual evolution and evolutionary trend in the political-social sphere, Bangabandhu was able to grow in this position as the ‘great ruler of history’. The basic elements of various self-identities were developed gradually, such as his thoughts and ideals-life philosophy.

He had to walk on many trappings of politics. In the face of adversity of reality, he had to temporarily compromise. He went wrong in the way. But the overall dynamism of its overall evolution was in front, toward progress. In his case it could have happened naturally. Because he was a common man, he was the leader of the people, the leader of the public. He never had the theoretical scholar of politics. He was not a well-known scholar or an expert on one or more of the subjects. But he was a ‘super-wise’ leader, a leader. He was man’s man. He could accept from people, save the judicial resources. Dependence on humans. On human beings, such love and proximity to his people made him progressive and inevitably in the progress of his evolution.

Initially, he was a very dying teenager – ‘Mujibur’. To many, ‘Mujib Bhai’ Then ‘Mujibur Rahman’ or ‘Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’. After a long time, his name was ‘Sheikh Sahib’ in the face of people. After the mass upsurge of nine years, new identity ‘Bangabandhu’ After the war, he became the architect of the independent country and the father of the nation. This happened in the three decades of its time, the rise of his position.

His thoughts in three decades of political life-his life-philosophy had also taken off. The beginning was as a student activist of the Pakistan movement. But at that time there was a trend that was liberal and partly progressive in the Muslim League; Bangabandhu was Abul Hashem – Suhrawardy’s follower. He was also a fan of Netaji Subhash Bose. He was an enthusiastic youth participant, along with his partner-companion in various programs including ‘Rashid Ali Din’ in Calcutta with the Jhanda of Congress, Muslim League and Communist-

The history that created the ‘hero of history’ is his and the immortal creation of the people. The original essence of this creation is an independent state with new characteristics and character. The need to create a ‘history’ of a country is called ‘historical elements’. Nationalism, socialism, democracy, secularism – based on these four principles, being the chief architect of the birth of a new state, Parati was the historical factor which led to Bangabandhu becoming the ‘hero of history’. It is to be said that the historic legacy of Bangabandhu as the ‘hero of history’ is the fundamental ideological foundation of the great war of liberation.

The enemies of history have killed Bangabandhu, to reverse their history of ‘history’. He led the creation of ‘history’ – for this ‘crime’, the villain of the seventy-five murders of history killed him and took revenge. The country has taken the country back to the opposite direction of Pakistan. But blacks can not be run on the wrong side forever. In history, ‘history’ will be revived once again in new energy or one day. So with the force, I will say, ‘the realization of the precious history of’ history ‘and the revival of’ four state principles’ of the war of liberation is the biggest responsibility and duty of the nation today to ‘hero of history’.


Writer: Mujahidul Islam Selim

President, Bangladesh Communist Party.

E-mail: [email protected]

22nd of Srabon and Rabindronath Tagore

Rabindronath Tagore

Today’s 22nd of Srabon,76th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore of the World Poet. Various organizations and organizations have taken various programs including government and private capital Dhaka, along with various programs and organizations, on the occasion of celebrating the due dignity. Rabindranath Tagore, one of the greatest literary writers of Bangla literature, was born on 7 May 1861 (Baishakh-1268) in the Jorasanko Tagore family of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. His father’s name Debendranath Tagore Mother Sarada beautiful goddess Rabindranath’s ancestors lived in Pithavogh in Rupsa upazila of Khulna district. Sraban (English August 7, 1941), Bangla 1348, died on ancestral house in Calcutta.

Rabindranath Tagore is a poet, novelist, playwright, musician, essayist, philosopher, linguist, painter-storyteller. At the age of eight, he started writing poetry. His first poem ‘Abhilash’ was published in ‘Tattabodhini Patrika’ in 1874. He was a great creative writer and a litterateur as well as in the contemporary world. Writes Bangla and English Language. His literary works have been translated into different languages ​​of the world. His writings were included in the syllabus of different countries. In 1878, his first poetic poem ‘Kabikahini’ was published. From this time the writing of various genres of poet has been published in newspapers and newspapers abroad. His ‘Gitanjali’ poetry was published in 1910. He received the Nobel Prize in literature for his English translation of this poem in 1913.

Along with writing, he founded Brahma Shisham in Santiniketan in West Bengal in 1901. Since then, he started living there. In 1905, he became involved in anti-partition movement. In 1921, an organization named ‘Sriniketan’ was established for rural development. Vishwa Bharati was officially established in 1923. From 1891 onwards, the poet started supervising zamindars in Shilaidah, Pabna, Natore and Orissa in Kushtia. She spent a long time in Shilaidaha. He wrote numerous poems and songs in the zamindar house here. In 1901, the family moved from Shilaidaha to Santiniketan in Bolpur.

The poet composed two thousand songs. Most of the songs have been composed. His entire song is in the book ‘Gitbitanan’. Poet written in ‘My Sonar Bangla i love you’ is the national anthem of Bangladesh. The Indian national anthem is also written by the poet. In his lifetime, his original collection of poems is 52, novel 13, short story books 95, essays and prose books, 36 plays and 38 plays. After the death of poet, ‘Rabindra Rachanbali’ was released in 36 volumes. Apart from this, there are 19 volumes of “Rabindra correspondence.” From 1928 to 1939, the number of works of poetry painted more than two and a half thousand. Of these 1574 paintings are preserved at the Rabindranbagh of Santiniketan. Kabir’s first exhibition was held in Paris in the Piggy Art Gallery in Paris in 1926 by the artists of South France.

On the occasion of the 76th death anniversary of world poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Bangla Academy organized special lecture and cultural programs in the auditorium of Abdul Karim on Sunday afternoon. The lecture on ‘Environment, Construction Cultural and Rabindranath’ will be given by the renowned architect of West Bengal, Rabindra researcher and environmentalist Arunendu Bandyopadhyay and Sudhenda Bandyopadhyay. The Chief Guest will be the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture. Ibrahim Hossain Khan. Bangla Academy President Emeritus Professor Anisuzzaman will preside. Artist Kaderi Kibria will then perform Rabindra music. Apart from this, Shilpakala Academy has organized talks and concerts of ‘Rabindranath and Bangabandhu’. Director General of the academy Liaquat Ali Lucky presided over the meeting as a lecturer and researcher Dr. Hayat Mamud The Rabindra Sangeet Art Institute, Shishu Academy, also organized various programs of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Chayant has organized a memorial ceremony. The ceremony will start at 7:00 pm at Chayant Bhawan.

People do not born as a terrorists


In this era of modern civilization, around 300 billion people live below the poverty line in the world. The current world is facing problems like hunger, poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, population explosion etc. But terrorism is the top of the discussion by covering everything. It is said that one who is a terrorist, and the other to the freedom fighter When Israeli forces attacked unarmed Palestinians and killed innocent people, destroying their homes, it is considered as the right of self-defense. On the contrary, when the Palestinians attack the counter, it is called the terrorism. If the US is not a sympathizer, some states are sponsors of terrorists. On the other hand, when they provide military assistance for various assassinations and massacre, they are not called terrorists. The masked civilians have been patronizing an aggressive state like Israel. Basically until the world’s basic human rights and justice for all is not established, the extent of terrorism and terrorism can not be ascertained.

The word terrorism or ‘terrorism’ occurs in France during 1789-1799 during the French Revolution. Many think that discussions about the causes of terrorism are irrelevant. Because terrorism is an evil power and the key to eliminating it is the key. But political scientists believe that if they fight against terrorism they will lead to more terrorism. Because of political, social, cultural and even religious, terrorism can be born. There are many religious groups whose ideas kill their opponents to get rid of the virtue. As a result, they are involved in terrorism. We only thump the throat by terrorism terrorism. We do not hesitate to kill millions of innocent people to put terrorism on the ground forever. But never think that why terrorism was born. It should not be forgotten that when the large states provide financially and military assistance to their friendly states in unjust activities, the unarmed oppressed people take the path of terrorism in a lonely way.

Many people are subjected to discrimination and abuse often due to religion and color in different parts of the world. Fierce social dissatisfaction and terrorism were born when minority communities of any region were deprived of their social and economic rights due to religious and racism. The aggression of the ruling states on the relatively weak nations has created the world as a world of terrorism by creating massive terrorism. In the cold war era we noticed its development. Even in this era of civilization in the 21st Century, the invasion of countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries has turned the whole world into a league of terrorism. As a result, organizations such as Taliban, al-Qaeda or ISIS have been born.

UK professor. According to Andrew Silk, counter terrorism through counter-terrorism and terrorism will not only stop terrorism, but it will increase further. Every healthy conscience hates terrorism. But due to the circumstances, they forced themselves to seek terrorism. Therefore, it is possible to stop terrorism only if the circumstances that cause terrorist activities to be identified can be cured. The world is passing through a time when terrorism is a daily companion of the people. The right people are choosing the path of terrorism for rights. The state itself is also operating terrorism in the name of suppressing the rights of terrorists and pushing them into the path of terrorism.

People never grow up terrorism, the situation makes them terrorists. Terrorism will automatically decrease after ensuring the fundamental rights of every human being in the world. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words: ‘The practice of blind eyes is blinding the whole nation’. We dream of a peaceful world. The future of the world is terrorism free. If Nur Hossain had survived, he would have written on his chest: “Let terrorism end, whole world peace.”

Population is not likely to be a problem


More population has been considered as the main problem of Bangladesh for the last several years, in the meantime scientists have predicted that due to the increase in population, Bangladesh will be deprived of its development. According to the size of Bangladesh, the population is increasingly increasing, and Bangladesh is being interrupted in different ways.


According to the latest report of census 2011 and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the population of the country is about 15 crore. In the last 10 years, the population of the country increased to 14.4 million. Around 10 million people live outside the country. In all, the population of the country is 16 million. But the current country’s population has exceeded 16 crores.


The population of the country has increased to 16.17 million and 50 thousand. According to a report by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) by January this year, the number of men in the country is 810 million and the number of women is eight crore seven lakh 50 thousand.

The proportion of women and men in the current country is almost equal. And the annual growth rate of population is estimated to be 1.34 percent. 30.8 percent of the population aged 14 years in the population of the country. And 53.7 percent of the population between the ages of 15 and 49 years.


That is, the number of people below the age of fifty is said to be 85 percent of the total population of the country. As such, half the population of Bangladesh is young. It’s potential for Bangladesh. If Bangladesh wants, we can get the highest peak of development by utilizing this large population. Required education and workplace. According to London’s Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the highest rate of unemployment among educated Bangladesh is highest. 47 out of 100 graduate degrees are unemployed.


The country’s development is not possible by making this large population unemployed. So it is very important to create employment. According to the government, the current fiscal year (2016-17) will create 27 lakh jobs in the country. Two million new faces enter the labor market every financial year. But now seven lakh more jobs will be created in the economy. The government should continue this effort and should give employment opportunities to the unemployed by building more workforce in the country.


It is said that the more educated the more educated the nation is, the better. But in the field of education, Bangladesh is achieving success, but still it is very popular in the population ratio of the country. According to official data, the current literacy rate of Bangladesh is 62.66 percent. The illiteracy rate has always hindered development of a nation.


The government has taken various steps to increase literacy rate. Literacy rates are higher than in the past but still very few are compared to the population of the country. In the words, the educated nation is not the burden of the nation. Changing the education field has made it extremely urgent.

Popular school-college education has become a dream of ordinary people. The trade of education has to be stopped. Education must be spread among the people of all walks of life only if the country is educated and improved. Bangladesh is already providing free low-secondary education which is good for everyone. Government’s emphasis on women’s education, stipend giving, technical education and madrasa education are some of the demands of the government.


We urge the government to expand this initiative further. In the case of proper education and good work, Bangladesh will be included in the list of countries like China and Japan, in spite of being more population. Even though Bangladesh is moving forward in all respects, the big poverty-stricken population of a major problem of the country.


According to the estimates of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 47.1% of the rural population live below the poverty line and 24.6% of people are living below the extreme poverty line. On the other hand, 49.7% of the urban population lives below poverty line and 27.3% under extreme poverty. On average, 40% of the population live below the poverty line.


The overall development of the country is not possible without rehabilitation. There are about 80 million street children in this country. Those who need education, lodging, food, clothes The country will not be able to continue without keeping them negligent. The country will improve if the poor people are resettled in the population. That is why mutual cooperation between the government and the people needed.

Climate change and natural disasters


The long-term changes in the average climate of a place, which range from several decades to hundreds of millions of years, are called climate change. At present, climate change refers to the natural changes that result from the ongoing human activities of the world. Climate change leads to rapid increase and decrease in the temperature of the Earth. The climate is rapidly changing due to greenhouse gas presently. For which we humans are responsible. Bangladesh is the most affected due to climate change.

This year, due to climate change, there is a massive natural calamity due to climate change. People in haor areas are affected due to uneven rainfall. Due to extreme rainfall, floods have occurred in haor areas. This flood caused by rain caused thousands of acres of Boro paddy.

Bangladesh is in the first place at the risk of flood and river erosion as a result of climate change. Various types of plants and plants of nature are being damaged in different areas of Bangladesh due to floods caused by floods. Due to these erosion, the amount of grazing back was less than the land which was submerged in riverbed.

Due to climate change, massive landslides have created the mountains on Bangladesh’s border. The news was published on April 24 in Sylhet and Chittagong due to land degradation. In this month, those fears are realistic. 135 people were killed in the hills. At present, the landslides come down with the soil, water and sand, large stone blocks. People living in mountainous areas are living with the risk of life due to these risky landslides

Generally earthquakes are caused by carbon cycles. But the earthquake is now increasingly growing. Researchers are frequent earthquake climate paribartanerai more of an impact.

At present, climate change is affected by the changing nature of the estates of people in the region. Timely rain was not going to fill a large part of haorera. Rain breaches reduce the breeding of fish. Currently, only 133 species of fish are found in 250 species of fish in Bangladesh.

In light of climate change, Bangladesh has started experiencing huge losses. There are various fields of livelihood. We know that the government is taking steps to deal with the situation. Therefore, to protect civilians from the effects of natural disasters as well as to increase awareness of the government to be aware optimistic.

Stop suicide, Save Life,Live Long


Suicidal tendency is increasing day by day. World health organization says that suicide is occurring every 33 seconds in the world and more than three thousand people in the present world getting suicide every day. So the total amount of suicidal death in a year is approximately 11 lakh for the whole world. You will be shocked to hear that about 60 thousand people are trying to suicide every day and at least three thousand of them succeeded.

What about teenagers? Nearly 40 Lakh teenagers are trying to do suicide every year in the world and more than one lakh die.  The amount of suicidal death is more than the amount of terrorist attack or war death.

Now time to share a childhood memory. I can still remember that the first dead body I saw in my childhood it was a suicidal dead body. It was so scary to me and a sad story. I became afraid and it was continuing so many years in my life. this incident made me so much scared for many years.

The first school of my life was a government school, we used to come to school with the lower-middle class, including the local children, and almost all of them became my good friends.
One of them was Shikha, she was black and so black girl is not usually seen, but I can say that she was one of the most beautiful girls I met, and she was actually a real innocent girl. She was like a dry little lucky girl, she used to bring her books in a Polythene every day and came to school with an ash color dress and on barefoot,
One day, she told me that she saw a dead body lying on the way while she was coming to school, she offered me if I can see she will bring me there. I can not wait to see the dead body because I have never seen it before.  during the Tiffin time, we went there.

Then at the time of Tiffin, Shikha took me there by holding my hand and said, “The man has fallen in love with a girl. But the girl has got married yesterday with another, so he is committing suicide. I went to see the body of the suicide by thinking of something funny and learning to see the body, the dead body must be something interesting !!
Walking through a green field while walking on a green field, the sun has spread all over the body.

Shikha went near and say that look there is the body, let’s see, there was a sheet on his face, the two people who were digging the grave.
I saw the body of a young man left on the green grass, that was the first dead body I have seen in my life, I still remember that his lips were blackish, the face of the spring, the dense hair filled with head on his forehead, black and dark in the neck, the tongue came out with the sheets Someone who has engraved in the throat
It is not natural to tolerate such scenes, it is not normal to cry, and when a woman comes from me and loses my eyes with the other hand and threatens to keep the bodies in the loop, they have expressed excessive irritation, that the body is to be left in such a way! This is more than that.

Those who are deprived of suicide, who don’t want to survive, who die in this way, and even if they die can it be saved from them! Many people, including my mother, saw that someone had died by suicide. Do they go to know the death of others! Want to see more of the light wind than a few days to survive?

As long as people are alive, there are many options and if they die, all the options are closed.
What is the need for the tornado to take the death of the desire which reluctantly hangs over the head !?

Even though some of the few days of life come in a few days, there are some terrible dangers coming from that one solution seems to be dead at that time, but the death should be one day, do not try it any other hand! Or if someone is beside the time of such a mental disaster, if someone gets help, can not many people save themselves from such a terrible accident?
During the suicide, almost everyone said, ‘I do not do that, I can not do that, I am not able to resist the vengeance, so much can not be accepted in humiliation, no one will ever understand what is going on in my life! This is my problem, no one in the world is like me! There is no logic to argue, only one solution is death!

Right but still your mind does not understand the disease of your mind. I’m selfish, I understand myself only. If I say to you, I will reproach you as innocent as you believe that you will not be able to meet anyone in the long night of every poisonous pain, but you stay alive.

No one will understand your sorrow, but you stay alive. Your selfless love has been for somebody else, but still live, no one has ever told you that all your good qualities have reproached and insulted, but still live. You have survived and defeated many efforts and believe, living on the green grass on the tongue, like hundreds of dead souls, like killing dead people in more than hundreds of self-harm, it is more insulting, even worse.

Try again and again, save yourself, live, and how much life will turn around once it is finished. Don’t be upset leave it to be a beautiful life, dear, nobody will understand that your suffering is crying at the time of seeing this! Everybody’s life is a little rushing around, the war in front of us everywhere, we do not come within them! We do not pray for happy life! They are big things, but I am not a huge person.

I know life is a terrible disaster !! Does the sky give us a little bit of peace between them? Mother’s face does not give peace? Invisible strangers on the face of someone who does not agree! Can we challenge this difficult disease of the mind to drive away?
Life is joy, happiness, prosperity, and whatever you want, you will not get it at all. If you do not understand that, if you are jealous after seeing someone in your house, believe that there is no mirror in our eyes, which means life is constantly fighting.
On the day of sorrow, nobody will erase the tears and say so loudly that I am with all that will be all right.

When it comes to hearing some suicide cases, it seems pretty fancy. Some people are dying with status by writing a suicide note in Facebook, a few days ago, Tasmiah, who was dead, updated her last status and found that she had done this because of a long depression from her husband, who had broken into small pieces of love with her boyfriend. In this case, I think that if the family was responsible for the family, she could not have died so easily, at least in the neighborhood.

Rajshahi University Assistant Professor Aktar Jahan committed suicide because of his husband’s negligence, to stay away from the family, he wrote his suicide note: “No one is responsible for my death. I committed suicide due to physical stress. But do not let me be in my father’s custody anyway. “In one of his films, I commented how long it was, that is, to tell you how her husband got married elsewhere and to remind her that she should do something like this, Do not stay side by side Eating family environment did not create a lot of emotional pressure around the people.

Those who decided to suicide I request them please don’t do that. Suicide is not the solution to any problem. Think and be patient. The value of life is so much. If you try you can overcome any bad condition and the worst situation in your life. So why will you suicide? Say no to suicide. Live long dear brother and sister. Enjoy your upcoming sweet fruit of life. so please don’t decide to suicide

—– Zazafee


Shornokishoree : Entertainment Education


Shornokishoree : Entertainment Education and trans media communication for development

It was 8:30 A.M., March 5, 2017. We were on the way of Amari Dhaka, Gulsan. Till then nobody knew how the next four days are going to be. Would they be the most boring days of our life or would they be the most amazing days that their memory will last in our mind throughout the life?

Reaching the 14th floor of Amari Dhaka, we got all the answers. We have come to attend Entertainment Education and Trans Media Communication for Development Workshop organized by UNICEF. The media partner was Asiatic. The aim of this workshop was to develop a TV program consisting 26 episodes for the adolescents which will not only entertain them but also make them conscious about various health issues social problems, their complexes and their rights.

Moreover it would change the perception of the society towards the adolescents and various problems related with them such as child marriage, immature motherhood, eve teasing etc.At the end of the workshop, we found ourselves successful in this regard. Besides, as one of the youngest members of this workshop, gained some wonderful experiences.

A team consisting 3 members: Shornokishoree Joypurhat Shatabdi Roy (myself), Shornokishoree Palashbari Rounak Tabassum Suty and Farzana Heaven attended the workshop representing Shornokishoree Network Foundation. We were so warmly welcomed that we could not believe if it was reality or a dream. And instantly we understood that the title for the following days could be nothing other than “ Awesome!”.

The workshop was enriched by a team of wonderful people from different localities, of different ages and with different talents. But there was one common thing and it was that they loved to dream. They dream of a society which will be safe for every adolescent, in fact for every creature.

There were four adolescent members in the workshop including us and at every moment we felt us the most important ones. Actually there was another adolescent who was the life of the workshop; he was Sean Southey, the CEO of PCI Media Impact. I am not going to talk about his biological age, but after observing his passion and spirit, he can called nothing but an adolescent, an ambassador of youth.

The workshop got started. Firstly the participants introduced themselves and their organizations. Then we come to know the organizers and their plans for the workshop. After some time, a quiz had started. Though till then there was not presented any observatory with a lot of difficult figures or boring speeches of the expert, we have already learned about the development of human brain. In fact we have already acquired the basic knowledge for making an E-E drama. Both Shornokishorees got one prize and from the first day started showing their capability.

On the same day, a good example for an Entertainment Education Drama was presented. We were divided into four teams and each team was asked to perform a drama. 2 of the dramas will present the consequence of the success of SDGs, and the rest will present the consequence of the failure. In a very short time, the teams presented 4 great dramas. Actually then it was clear that the workshop was going to be greatly successful.

On the following days, we worked on various topics. Firstly we decided the target audience and thought about their tastes. Then the 4 teams worked separately on the four topics: Child marriage, Education, Health,Nutrition and hygiene for the adolescents and Safety and security of the adolescents. Then the causes, effects, expectations and required steps were presented as digital contents. The presentation was given by the adolescent member of each team. It was a great experience for us. We got much pleasure for doing this and everybody highly appreciated us.

Then the most interesting task was started. It was making the characters. This time the writers of the Asiatic leaded every team. As there ware various kinds of people, for example: workers of various NGOs, workers of BRAC, UNFPA members and people from the root of the society. The created every character from the different experiences of their life and so we got some wonderful characters. The characters created by the four teams were presented before all.

The process of presentation was also very interesting. We presented the links between the characters by different stickers, e.g. a smily for friendship, an anchor for family members and a thunder for conflict. At last we chose the final characters, whom we are going to watch on our TV set.

We hope this project will also be successful like another revolutionary project of UNICEF, the “Mina” films. And personally, I want to work again with those wonderful people, who are trying to achieve the same thing in different ways, and that greatly desired thing is nothing other than a beautiful world for the adolescents, who are the only hope and aspiration of the nation.

Written by: Shatabdi Roy


The Golden Team helping Street Child with Warm Smile


I, as well as my friends always try to find something new to do. One rainy day, I along with Sristi were heading to our house and suddenly we saw a cute little baby girl in a slum. She was stuck in our mind and we planned to buy something for her.

After passing a year so fast, I couldn’t forget the baby named Fatema. So, I went to the slum to see her with Raka. And while we were returning from there, I told Raka if we could do something for Fatema’s family. Raka said that we could do not only for the family but also for the slum-dwellers. As winter was knocking the door, I proposed that we should talk with others about it and we should see if we could manage some dresses and blanket.

After returning to my home that day, I opened a group chat with my close friends. Most of them were interested. And they requested me to give a status on Facebook about it. And within 10 hour we found all about 15 people who wanted to work with us. All of them contributed as much as they could. Soon we calculated how much money we could collect and made a budget according to it.

Then Ritu and Prince went to the slum to enquire how much babies there were in that slum. We wanted to buy new clothes. We found 15 kids in the slum and 12 old women and men. We made a list of kids and found that we needed about 4500 Taka for buying new warm clothes for those kids. We were not sure about if we could collect that amount or not. Our campaign was on. Then I talked with others to fix a date for distribution.

As we are from different colleges, our classes and exams are not held at the same time. So, we fixed 16 December as our desired date. At the same time, we also fixed a date for buying things. And just like a miracle our total collection was 6600 Taka within a short time. We were so happy as we would be able to buy warm clothes for the oldest also. On the fixed date three of us went to shop and we found a senior shop keeper who came to know about our deeds and he did the bargaining for us and for that reason, we get baby sweaters in cheaper price than we expected. So, after buying warm clothes for kids, we had 2400 taka more.

With that money, we easily bought another 12 warm clothes for the 12 old men and women. And we returned home with a very satisfied smile. Along with those works, I thought that we should choose a name for this and I gave it’s name”Warm Smile” and also made a sixty degree ambigram of the name though I didn’t know how to make ambigram. It was my first ambigram. The name was also set as our group name.

Two days before our distribution, I discussed with my friends and fixed time and place where we would meet. Then I informed all the members who were involved. As I couldn’t connect with all of them over phone, I published a little post about the date and time and tagged my group members. At that night, I got a call from one of my old friends, Anannya. At the very beginning, I talked with her about the campaign.

I believed in her that she would help use but because of her some major technical problems, she could contribute us money. At that night, she ensured me to contribute some money. On 15 December, after getting money from her, I rushed to the market to buy 5 blankets with her thousand Taka. The following day was 16 December, our Victory Day. We, the thirteen members, reached at the respective place. When that procession of college-going-students reached the spot, the children of the slum following some elderly people gathered around us. We had prepared a list before. That’s why we didn’t face any difficulties or anarchy.

Those sweaters were divided according to their sizes, we could distribute them easily within a moment. The innocent smile of the children and the tears of pleasure of the elderly people overwhelmed us. Nothing but these feelings were the reasons for our endeavor. We had passed quite a mesmerizing time. We didn’t take any pictures. Why should we? We didn’t want to let other people see as we are against showing-off. We did all these things for our mental peace as well as for humanity.

It might be regarded that we are quite a few in number but it’s not totally zero! If our little effort makes some poor people smile, will it be regarded less? Let people rebuff, let them find out defects. They don’t even know the warmth of the feelings. Based on our little experience, we would do the same again and again. In order to get this kind of evergreen feelings, we can consciously and rationally spend our daily allowance. We all know that little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Please pray for us. A little message for all that we did, we are doing and we will do if Allah wants, you may do as well.

Written by: Tasnuva Chowdhury

Rajshahi College


Best Kids Movie of the world



1 Nanhe Jaisalmir nanhe_jaisalmer
2 Alice In wonderland Alice in Wonderland
3 Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Zathura
4 Jumanji  
5 Zoom  
6 Spy School (2008) 2008
7 Spy Kids  
8 Spy kids 2D  
9 Spy Kids 3D  
10 Spy Kids 4D  
11 Sky Kids  
12 Tare Zamin Par  
13 Arthur and the Invisible  
14 Charli and the chocolate Factory  
15 Kortik 1954
16 Lies My father Told Me 1975
17 The apple Dumpling Gang 1975
18 Pippi in the south seas 1974
19 Pippi Longstocking 1974
20 And Now Miguel 1966
21 Lassies Great Adventure 1963
22 Richie Rich 1994
23 A Kids in Kig Arthurs Court 1995
24 Adventure in Baby sitting 19-জুন-87
25 Little Manhattan 2005
26 RV 2006
27 when the bell rings  
28 come out and play 2012
29 Kids in the round table  
30 The space children  
31 The wizard  
32 Judy Moody  
33 Rookie of the year  
34 Guys with kids  
35 Kidnaped by the kids  
36 No limit Kids  
37 Motocross Kids 2004
38 Howls Moving Castle 2004
39 Kicking and Screaming 2005
40 Fragments 2008
41 Ninja Kids  
42 Chess Kids  
43 Circus Kids  
44 The little Red Truck  
45 Rare Exports  
46 The kids Grow Up  
47 Little Big League  
48 Battlefield America  
49 Sid the science kid  
50 little rascals of kungfu  
51 Parental Guidance  
52 Mi Familia  
53 kids from shaolin  
54 inocencia peligrosa  
55 the happy kids adventure  
56 unaccompanied minors 2006
57 wheres willie 1977
58 one little indian  
59 D.A.R.Y.L 1985
60 Monster House 2006
61 Wall.E  
62 Top Cat  
63 The polar Express  
64 Rise of the Guardians  
65 Fievel Goes West  
66 The Smurfs 2010
67 Mars Needs Moms  
68 The Croods  
69 Shrek the Final Chapter  
70 RIO  
71 RIO2  
72 The little Mermaid  
73 The Muppet Christmas Carol  
74 Finding Nemo 2003
75 Frozen 2013
76 Treasure Planet  
77 Toy Story  
78 ParaNorman  
79 Rango  
80 The Pirates 30-Mar-12
81 Brave 22-Jun
82 Monster VS Aliens Mar-09
83 Happy Feet Two  
84 Kungfu Panda  
85 Madagascar  
86 Madagascar-2  
87 Madagascar-3  
88 Ice Age  
89 Ice Age-2  
90 Ice Age-3  
91 Ice Age-4  
92 Puss in Boots  
93 Alvin and the chip manker  
94 Hop  
95 Tin Tin  
96 Arthur christmas  
97 How to Eat Fried Worms 2006
98 Yours, Mine and Ours[2 2005
99 Happy Feet 2006
100 Bridge to Terabithia 2007
101 Keeping Up with the Steins 2006
102 Her Best Move  
103 Because of Winn-Dixie 2005
104 Minutemen 2008
105 Dog Gone 2008
106 Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out? 2008
107 Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium 2007
108 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader  
109 Samantha: An American Girl Holiday 2004
110 Sleepwalking 2008
111 Have Dreams, Will Travel  
112 Motocross Kids 2004
113 Howl’s Moving Castle 2004
114 Shorts (2009) 2009
115 Winged Creatures  
116 First Kid 1996
117 Tomboy 2011
118 Mathilda 1996
119 Zokomon  
120 Bum Bum Bole  
121 Childrens of Haven  
122 Chillar Party  
123 Zoar Laga Ki Heyo  
124 Bhooth Nath  
125 Bhooth Nath Returns  
126 Bhooth Uncle  
127 Bhooth Friend  
128 Tara Ram Pam Pam  
129 Koi Mil gaya  
130 Two Brother  
131 Our Gang 1922
132 The Blue Bird 1918
133 Peter Pan 1924
134 Wizard of Oz 1925
135 Alice in Wonderland 1933
136 Little Women 1933
137 Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936
138 Heidi 1937
139 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1938
140 A Little Princess 1995
141 Frenemies 2012
142 Pach Rotno  
143 Ora pach  
144 Parker Lewis Can’t Lose 1990
145 When Andrew Came Home (2000) 2000
146 A Son’s Promise (1990) 1990
147 …First Do No Harm (1997) 1997
148 Do You Know the Muffin Man? (1989) 1989
149 The Client (1994) 1994
150 Apt Pupil (1998) 1998
151 The Cure (1995) 1995
152 Radio Flyer (1992) 1992
153 Telling Lies in America (1997) 1997
154 Billy Elliot (2000) 2000
155 Never Let Me Go (2010) 2010
156 Stand by Me (1986) 1986
157 Pelle the Conqueror (1987) 1987
158 The Island on Bird Street (1997) 1997
159 The Road to Perdition (2002) 2002
160 An American Crime (2007) 2007
161 The Santa Clause (1994) 1994
162 Freaky Friday (2003) 2003
163 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) 1993
164 Sixteen Candles (1984) 1984
165 The Boy Who Could Fly 1986
166 It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown 1983
167 Convicted (TV series) 1986
168 Life With Lucy 1986
169 Trading Hearts 1987
170 The Golden Girls 1987
171 Troop Beverly Hills 1989
172 Brooklyn Bridge 1991
173 Daddy (1991 film) 1991
174 Matinee 1993
175 Miracle on 34th Street 1994
176 A Time to Heal 1994
177 Matilda 1996
178 A Simple Wish 1997
179 Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2000
180 Balloon Farm 1999
181 Pulse (1988 film) 1988
182 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 1990
183 Kiki’s Delivery Service 1989
184 Cheats 2002
185 The Legend of Billie Jean 1985
186 Rodney Dangerfield: Opening Night at Rodney’s Place 1989
187 This Boy’s Life 1993
188 Treasure Buddies 2012
189 Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America 2007
190 The Terror of Tiny Town 1938
191 The Road 2009
192 Let Me In 2010
193 Matching Jack 2010
194 Dead Europe 2012
195 A Birder’s Guide to Everything 2013
196 Intimate Relations 1996
197 About a Boy 2002
198 The Weather Man 2005
199 The Amityville Horror (2005) 2005
200 Kick-Ass (2010) 2010
201 The Third Nail (2007) 2007
202 Wicked Little Things (2006) 2006
203 Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 2006
204 Zombieland (2009) 2009
205 Family Plan (2005) 2005
206 The Ultimate Gift (2006) 2006
207 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) 2006
208 No Reservations (2007) 2007
209 Definitely, Maybe (2008) 2008
210 Nim’s Island (2008) 2008
211 Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) 2008
212 Saige Paints the Sky (2013) 2013
213 Nancy Drew (2007) 2007
214 My Sister’s Keeper (2009) 2009
215 Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey (2010) 2010
216 Janie Jones (2010) 2010
217 New Year’s Eve (2011) 2011
218 Zambezia (2012) 2012
219 Haunter (2013) 2013
220 I Am Sam (2001) 2001
221 Trapped (2002) 2002
222 Sweet Home Alabama (2002) 2002
223 Hansel & Gretel (2002) 2002
224 Uptown Girls (2003) 2003
225 Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (2003) 2003
226 Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (2003) 2003
227 Man on Fire (2004) 2004
228 Nine Lives (2005) 2005
229 Hide and Seek (2005) 2005
230 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005) 2005
231 Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005) 2005
232 Hounddog (2007) 2007
233 Cutlass (2007) 2007
234 Fragments (2008) 2008
235 The Secret Life of Bees (2008) 2008
236 Push (2009) 2009
237 The Reaping (2007) 2007
238 Bridge to Terabithia (2007) 2007
239 A West Texas Children’s Story (2007) 2007
240 Sleepwalking (2008) 2008
241 Jumper (2008) 2008
242 Alpha and Omega  
243 The Space Between (I) (2010) 2010
244 Soul Surfer (2011) 2011
245 Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) 2003
246 Little Athens (2005) 2005
247 The Skeleton Key (2005) 2005
248 Flightplan (2005) 2005
249 Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) 2005
250 Streetwalkin’ (1985) 1985
251 Women Talking Dirty (1999) 1999
252 Walking on the Moon (1999) 1999
253 Happy Birthday Shakespeare (2000) 2000
254 Finding Neverland (2004) 2004
255 Five Children and It (2004) 2004
256 Two Brothers (2004) 2004
257 A Good Year (2006) 2006
258 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) 2005
259 August Rush (2007) 2007
260 The Golden Compass (2007) 2007
261 Arthur and the Invisibles (2006) 2006
262 The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) 2008
263 A Fox’s Tale (2008) 2008
264 Astro Boy (2009) 2009
265 Arthur and the Great Adventure (2009) 2009
266 ‘Master Harold’ … And the Boys (2010) 2010
267 Toast (2010) 2010
268 The Art of Getting By (2011) 2011
269 Justin and the Knights of Valour (2013) 2013
270 The Thirteenth Year (1999) 1999
271 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) 2000
272 The Safety of Objects (2001) 2001
273 Panic Room (2002) 2002
274 Cold Creek Manor (2003) 2003
275 Speak (2004) 2004
276 Catch That Kid (2004) 2004
277 Undertow (2004) 2004
278 Baby Genious-2  
279 The Messengers (2007) 2007
280 Addams Family Values (1993) 1993
281 The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) 2001
282 A Boy Called Dad (2009) 2009
283 Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) 1989
284 Jessie (TV Series 2011) 2011
285 The Flying Machine (2011) 2011
286 Paulie (2012) 2012
287 Prodigy Bully (2012) 2012
288 The Maiden and the Princess (2011) 2011
289 McKenna Shoots for the Stars (2012) 2012
290 Too Calm a Rage (2011) 2011
291 Dumb and Dumber To (2014) 2014
292 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) 2008
293 Hugo (2011) 2011
294 Knowing (2009) 2009
295 Little Red Wagon (2012) 2012
296 Standing Up (II) (2013) 2013
297 Angels Sing (2013) 2013
298 The Preacher’s Daughter (2013) 2013
299 Career Day (2006) 2006
300 Kirby Buckets (2012) 2012
301 Jack and Janet Save the Planet (2009) 2009
302 My Pet Dragon  
303 Anna Nicole (2007) 2007
304 Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009) 2009
305 Just a Little Heart Attack (2011) 2011
306 Sunchild (2013) 2013
307 Burning Bright (2010) 2010
308 Charlie St. Cloud (2010) 2010
309 The Other Woman (2009) 2009
310 Motherhood (I) (2009) 2009
311 The Girl in the Park (2007) 2007
312 Once More with Feeling (2009) 2009
313 The Invasion (I) (2007) 2007
314 Little Fockers (2010) 2010
315 Gardens of the Night (2008) 2008
316 Jesus H. Zombie (2006) 2006
317 Sherrybaby (2006) 2006
318 The Well (IV) (2014) 2014
319 Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) 2014
320 Northpole (2014) 2014
321 November Christmas (2010) 2010
322 I Saw Mommy Kissing S… 2001
323 13 Going on 30 2004
324 Bad Santa (2003 2003
325 Trick ‘r Treat (2007) 2007
326 Birthdays and Other Traumas (2006 2006
327 Cheats 2002
328 Thomas in Bloom (2006) 2006
329 Whisper Island (2007) 2007
330 So Undercover (2012 2012
331 Another Cinderella Story (2008 2008
332 Son of Batman (film)  
333 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 2001
334 Soccer Mom 2008
335 Stepmom 1998
336 Homefront  
337 Bratz: Genie Magic 2006
338 The Aristocats 1970
339 Les 5 Légendes  
340 Stuck in the Suburbs 2004
341 Zenon  
342 Definitely, Maybe 2008 2008
343 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 2010 2010
344 The Orphanage (film) 2007
345 Todo Sobre Mi Madre 1999
346 Heiter bis Wolkig 2012
347 The Uninvited 2009
348 gattu 2011
349 hawaa hawaai 2014
350 Mercury Rising 1998
351 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.1.2.3 1999
352 Flushed Away 2006
353 Surf’s Up 2007
354 Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment 1985
355 The Lion King 1½ 2004
356 Escape from Planet Earth 2013
357 Kramer vs. Kramer 1979
358 Brother Bear 2 2006
359 Saving Santa 2013
360 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 2011
361 Meet the Robinsons 2007
362 the year my parrent went on vacation  
363 Zapped (film) 2014
364 Return to Neverland 2002
365 Paranormal Activity 4 2012
366 Jack-Jack Attack 2005
367 The Exorcist III 1990
368 Ju-on: The Grudge 2002
369 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 1989
370 Children of the Corn: Revelation 2001
371 Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering 1996
372 2 Filhos de Francisco  
373 Osama 2003
374 A Children’s Story  
375 Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest 1995
376 Poltergeist III 1988
377 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 1993
378 Crazy Eights (film)  
379 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014)
380 junior high spy 2012
381 Durango Kids 1999
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384 9.2009  
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421 Extreamly Loud increadible close  
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436 Kids  
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440 Martian Child  
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444 Moon Rise Kingdom  
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452 The Adventure of Huck Finn-1  
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625 Louder Than Words II (2013)  
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627 American Girl (2015)  
628 The Bracelet of Bordeaux (2007)  
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630 7 Secrets with Victoria Justice (TV Movie 2010)  
631 Avalon High (TV Movie 2010)  
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633 Summer Eleven (2010)  
634 The Games Maker (2014)  
635 Santa’s Summer House (2012)  
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643 Raising Izzie (2012 TV Movie)  
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668 Sam & Cat (2013–2014)  
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671 . Flipped (2010)  
672 . House Arrest (1996)  
673 The Sitter (2011  
674 Where the Wild Things Are (2009  
675 The Unloved (2009)  
676 The Road 2009
677 Telling Lies in America 1997
678 Planet Terror (2007)  
679 Grindhouse (2007)  
680 Sin City (2005)  
681 Radio Flyer (1992)  
682 Let Me In 2010
683 Tinytown 2009
684 Matching Jack 2010
685 Young Ones 2014
686 Whisper Island (2007)  

Thomas in Bloom (2006)


688. Haami

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Chronicles of Japan Konichuwa, ohaiyo gojaimas


Chronicles of Japan Konichuwa, ohaiyo gojaimas, hearing this word my heart began to beat first. I was asking myself “am I really in Japan?”I assured myself saying yes when we were welcomed warmly by our co coordinator KOYOKO SUNAGA .After 7 hours plane journey all day long, we reached safely at 7 am, 17 April,2016. Our Bangladeshi team consisted of 20 students and under the guidance of 4 teachers.

We went to Japan to participate in Shakura Science Programmed .JICA took our each and every responsibility in Japan .It was an educational tour of 7 days. We were visiting world famous universities and cultural places of Tokyo and Kanagawa. Nippon travel agency offered bus for this program. In the very first day when we were extremely tired after a long journey Japanese people’s smiling face, hospitality and friendly nature refreshed us and made us lively. We went to the imperial palace in that day. There we admired the age old palatial building and different shapes of pine tree.

In the next day we went to JAMSTEC which stands for Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology in Yokosuka, Kanagawa. The main objective of JAMSTEC is to contribute to the advancement of academic research in addition to the improvement of marine science and technology by proceeding the fundamental research and development on marine, and the co-operative activities on the academic research related to the ocean for the benefit of the peace and human welfare.

In JAMSTEC we observed many instruments including SHINAKI 6500, and many robots which are used to deep sea. The shimmering expanse of water of the pacific ocean which is beside JAMSTEC charmed us most. After visiting JAMSTEC, we visit Kamakura where the gigantic sculpture of Buddha of Kamakura hachimangu shrine is locatedwhich amazed all of us. The day of 19th April ,we visited to the Tokyo University at kagaruzaka and knew the outstanding facilities of stuying there.

The university has 9 diferent faculties and its goal is that”building a better future with science.”After an appetizing lunch,we enjoyed the excellent lecture by professor Jhin Akhiyama,one of the greatest mathematician of recent time.In the afternoon,we had a tour in the region of Akihabara which is renowned for its many electronics and anime shops . Our 4th day in japan was quite interesting. Because in this very day we went to the national museum of emerging science and innovation which name is Miraikan.

The slogan “open your eyes to science : see a whole new world” expresses the stance of Miraikan.We were enchanted at the lecture given by Dr.Mamoru mori, a famous astronauts and the director of Miraikan.Visiting Kitasato University and meeting with Dr.Satoshi Omura who was awarded Novel Prize in Medicine in 2015 was a glorious moment for us.In this day we also thrilled at the picturesque of Harajuku and Meiji shrine. The most eventfull day of our stay in japan was at 21 April.Because in this day we visited Shibuya Junior and Senior High school.

In that day we laughed to our hearts content with our Japanese friends and saw different parts of their school.We also participated in origami contest and gave them various gifts as a token of frienship. In that day we also visited EDO-Tokyo museum and asakusa(two historical landmarks of Japan.In the EDO –Tokyo Museum we were charmed to see “rickshaw” and various eye catching materials of ancient Periord of Japan. The last day was full of excitements and curiousity.In the morning ,we went to School of scienc,the University of Tokyo .

There we visited Science Laboratory,science museum, museum of mathematics and the laboratory of Novel laureate Dr.Takaaki Kajita .We also saw the outstanding fields and facilities of various research and also top secret levels.We enjoyed many practical science magic. In the afternoon a wonderful closing ceremony was held and a buffet dinner was presented to bid us farewell. Students from Bangladesh,India,Philippines and Indonesia participated in cultural program.Honorable ambassadors of these countries and the chief of JST and JICA was also present there.We were given certificates and badges from Shakura Science Club.

We learnt a lot from this memorable tour.We learn t about not only Japanese but also Indian,Indonesian,Philippines people , their religion,tradition and culture from our heartiest guide and co-coordinator and the participant of this program. We had to obey Japanese rules strictly.Likewise we were not allowed to gather anywhere and be a hindrance to the passers by,follow the traffic rules,fastened with seat belts while in the bus etc.

In the day of 23 April, we left our hotel and headed towards the airport.Our wonderful journey comes to an end.We returned with lots of memories containing in our hearts.A new skyline of education was introduced to us from the land of sunrise,Japan……………………………………..

Written by: Jarin Ridika

Cantonment Public School & College,Rangpur


Shruto: A Platform For The Blind


I am quite sure that you’ve ever gone to an adventure, solved an amazing and mysterious case, cried, laughed and done many other things with the characters of many books by reading them. Those feelings are awesome. Aren’t they?

But have you thought about that how blind peoples can enjoy these feelings? you can say about Braille books but those are costly and not so many in numbers in our country. Sudeepto Saha, a teenaged boy from Khulna Public College have founded a foundation named ‘Shruto’ which is a platform of an audio book for the blind. They record a book and upload the videos in their website and youtube channel. Duration of the videos are less than 15 minutes. Volunteers from all over the country work for it. If you want to be a volunteer you can know the rules from the official website(Shruto)  or contact with them on the facebook page .

If you are bored of reading books or on a journey, you can keep in touch with them just by listening them. And if about blinds , it’s very helpful. undoubtedly!

Story behind Shruto:

We talked to the founder of the organization Sudeepto Shaha about the story behind Shruto. In that conversation, Sudeepto frankly talked about the story behind this. “The story began from the book fair 2016 at Khulna. I am a bookworm, book lover, I went there for my favorite books. I found just a single different thing around thousands of people gathering at the book fair.

A boy of 20-21 may be, I found him, who came being attracted to the Book , was a blind. I saw another person 5/6 years older than the blind boy was reading Book in front of him so that he can understand about the book. The blind boy then judge the book after hearing from his companion and deciding what book he should buy. I asked his companion from my curiosity that how the blind boy read this book without having the book in Braille systems. His companion said that the blind boy is his younger brother and every day after office he comes to home and reads those books by sitting beside his younger brother who is blind. But now a days he can’t give enough time for his brother for the official tight schedule.

Sudeepto said that, after hearing this, I felt love and respect to the older brother who helping not only his brother but also a blind boy who loves books. This incidence encouraged me a lot to build a website for those who can’t see like us, for those who are blind. After that, we worked more and more to read some good books and to make a video recorded with the book reading so that every blind people can hear the story of the book they love. for this reason, the organization “Shruto” starts with a motto “ Eye light can be found in the book” There are more than hundreds of people working this organization to help blind peoples to learn and read. If you have love and responsibilities to the blind people and to the society then you are welcome to join this team.

Written by: Farhana Mojib


Become a Change maker Ambassador


Are you passionate about and looking for ways to create or advocate development and change? Are you a social change activist or entrepreneur? Here is the platform for you!

You can become a Change maker Ambassador!

I Am A Change Maker is looking for amazing individuals who are passionate about development and can help us build a community of Change makers. You’ll join a close network of other ambassadors – each with a dynamic role to play in our community.

  • You can do this if you are:
    • Passionate about social change
    • Active on social media
    • Willing to know more about social enterprise
    • A team player; you’re able to listen, communicate, and work with people.
    • A member (Membership Fee Tk 1000/-) of I Am A
  • What you’ll do:
    • Share social change ideas and current practices with the community
    • Take part in I Am A   labs and events
    • Invite people to the virtual community using social media and face to face meetings
    • Raise any tech/ content specific questions from the community to the   Team
    • Engage with   on the Forum by responding to their posts and contributing your thoughts or experience
    • Organize independent I Am A   supported events

( Antora, one of the Founder of Teenagers has been selected as Change Maker Ambassador)

  • What you get
    • Connect with other Change makers
    • You will also have your profile picture on our ambassador page
    • Volunteer experience with an organization (good for resume or profile)
    • Be part of an innovative, meaningful and fun organization that is changing the world.
    • A Change maker Ambassador certificate

Contact: 01915602796,

Email: [email protected],

Facebook: I am a change maker
Membership Form Link:


Prince Harun,another name of Bangla Magic


Prince Harun is one of the renowned Magician in Bangladesh. Specially he is famous for his own magical work. He invented some unique magic trick by himself. He born on 26th of December in the year 1986 in a good Muslim family. When he was only a boy of six he came to know about magic by his father. He was surprised to see some very nice magic trick by his father who was not a magician but he can do some magic for his nearby kids.

Every night father came home, finish his dinner and telling stories to the children’s . All children’s love to listen bed time stories from father except Prince Harun. He loves stories but he loves magic more than story. His story teller father was not his hero but his hero was his father who can do magic. In that early age Prince Harun became fond of magic. When everyone enjoyed the magical mystery at the same time Prince Harun was trying to know the hidden part of magic. He thought how can it be possible to make a magic. How father doing magic. Prince Harun himself was struggling to know the secrets of magic and one day he found that he can also do the same magic as his father can do.

One night he offer his father that dad I can do the same magic as like as you do. Father become surprised and showed his interest to young Prince Harun to show his trick. Prince Harun Started to show his trick which he learnt himself by seeing his fathers trick. After the show father as well as prince Harun himself become happy that he has done the same trick as his father can do. This is the beginning  story of Magician Prince Harun.

Day by day his school friends come to know that Harun can do magic and they forced him to show. Prince Harun Showed that simple trick in front of his class mate and they also become surprised. His school Teacher request him to show his trick and that was his first magic show in his early life of magic. He never gone to any magic school to learn any trick. When other children’s dreamed to be a doctor or engineer Prince Harun dreamed to be a great magician in Bangladesh, He worked very heard and visited thousands of magicians website and watched thousands of magic trick.

Now a days Prince Harun is one of the greatest magician in Bangladesh. There are so many magician in Bangladesh but Prince Harun is well known for his innovative magic work. He earned 300 taka by his first magic show in a village fair. He reads more about magic and he thought that to be a good magician every one need to be patient about magic and must be lover of magic and must be dreamer of magic world.

With a view to be a magician Prince Harun did many things. He has been collected many magical books and talk to other magicians. Rajib Basak is another renowned magician in Bangladesh said that Prince Harun is that type of magician who can talk like a story teller and he can make the audience surprised by his marvelous magic.

Prince Harun started a Magic store for other magicians and all other magic lovers who want to buy some magic trick. Anyone can easily buy magic product from Prince Harun’s magic shop through Teenagers. Teenagers will help everyone to buy and learn magic trick.

The Unnamed, The Anonymous


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said earlier that “every immigrant has many stories in life, we do not know everything”. When some of our foreigners children or some of our children’s brothers or sisters send money, we only see them. They never spend their money on their own, and think they are sending such a huge amount of money, but they are just happy that they are just one of them. Look at the face. Sometimes we do not see the back of the sky..

Toukir Ahmed has brought one of the immigrant stories of immigrants to the screen of his film. The concept is sad. There is a corpse that has come across a whole movie. Here we see the name of the coffin that came from the foreign country, the person is alive, even the police officer The name of the father’s name was mentioned in the passport that was there along with the body. When the caller sent him abroad, it was known that the body was named Asir Uddin Paramanik, who was not able to send the boy to abroad, so that Abdul Wahab Mia’s passport was sent to him and he was sent abroad.

After taking the son of a poor father, he took the son’s body and after bathing, it was known that the boy was another religion. The rushed to the dead body and it really was not the body of Asir. They rushed to the police station to find out what the dead body would be. They sent them to Dhaka They were traveling from  around one ministry to another ministry, from one office to another. The smell of the body began to burst, but no solution was found.

The OC of the police station spoke over phone and said that Asir is really dead. May be that is not his dead body but he is dead. Ashir’s father will do more. He has already thought that his son was dead long ago. When he had cut his name, he went abroad with a passport of another’s name on it. He returned with the body and returned to the village and buried him.

There is a lot of problems in making movies about life stories. There is a lot of difference in viewers when there is a lot of difference between them. Because life story is a part of everyone’s life. There is no chance of hiding there. There is no doubt that there is no chance of hiding there. The audience can not ask why can not be here, but it is not possible to live in the real life story Can SE.

Toukir Ahmad scripted the film and directed the film “Anonymous “. It seems that it has been very nice as a movie. Toukir Ahmed has shown remarkable performance in determining the role of fiction and story strings along with the characterization of the story. Toukir Ahmed chose half-hearted success in the film by choosing Shahiduzzaman Selim in the role of Broker. He did not seem to be a better person than Shahiduzzaman Selim. Fazlur Rahman Babu’s role as the father of the dead body can not be understood as that. It is known to all the great actors, but in the unknown, the act that he has played in almost a hundred percent of the real life. I did not remember the pain that I saw in his face. Dead body’s father acting was truly like that his child’s body has been taken.

The performances of Shatabdi Wadud or Musharraf Karim were also good in the Anonymous movie, but in fact, behind the powerful role of the broker’s character, cover the rest of the scene. And all other thing  has been hidden behind the pain of the father of the dead body.

We see the small boy of Asir and his wife being stoned to death. Seeing a young woman living abroad for a foreigner to go abroad. It is better to see the last time when suddenly the father of dead body  was lost and the arrival moment who was coming back with Agarbati. No one took care of anyone before the scene, but was forced to live with the body. We have seen brokers always sit beside the driver But in the last scene, everyone is sitting beside the dead body. This scene has succeeded in the film. It has been accomplished by its dialogue and its visualization.

The movie or the story of “Anonymous” I have never heard  before. There was no talk with them. But after the movie started, the next scene in the mind is flowing out of what is going to happen and it has really matched exactly which can be coincidental or a lot of practice to read stories novel and may be due to the love of cinema.

Toukir Ahmed has also earned a lot of reputation as a renowned actor and creator. The meritorious man from BUET has been successful in every aspect of life. In his teenage years, his acting role-play drama has fascinated us, which we have not forgotten yet. It is known that Toukir Ahmed played with his extraordinary performance. After that, I did not know “Anonymous” as producer. The story of Jalal is seen in the movie It was not in any way that it did not tune me. The Anonymous has been taken in the heart. Although the name of the movie is “anonymous”, it has made it into the audience due to its superb style and extraordinary performance. Such a movie is going to be two in ten years. .

Movies anonymous

Director: Toukir Ahmed

Reviews: zazafee


15 December 2016